FEB 2017_Perth in West Australia hit by record rainfall

“The Swan River in Perth is expected to peak at 1.6 metres early on Sunday as the runoff from the flooded Wheatbelt region reaches the city.

Torrential rain swelled rivers and washed away roads across WA on Saturday, with the state’s Wheatbelt and Goldfields hardest hit,

while Perth received its second highest rainfall on record on Friday, with more than 114mm raining down on the city.”






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HOT! HOT! HOT! Where the heatwave will strike today

Brisbane: 39C
Birdsville (Qld): 47C
Warwick (Qld): 46C
Tamworth (NSW): 44C
Moree (NSW) 46C
Bourke (NSW) 47C

BOM forecaster Dean Narramore told AAP.

“We saw on Saturday an incredible amount of records broken in NSW and that heat is just moving north for Sunday.”

Four Queensland towns set their highest ever recorded temperatures on Saturday as Brisbane reached 37C.

The city is tipped to reach 39C on Sunday, while several towns in southwestern Queensland, including Birdsvillle, could hit 47C.

Nicola Scafetta: On the astronomical origin of the Hallstatt oscillation found in radiocarbon and climate records throughout the Holocene.

NICOLA SCAFETTA SEPTEMBER 2016 “Hallstatt oscillation (about 2318 year period), which is observed in climate and solar records is a major stable resonance of the solar system. The paper also evaluates the other major planetary stable resonances and we found all other typical oscillations found in climate and solar records such as a quasi 20-year oscillation, a quasi 60-year oscillation, the 82-97 year Gleissberg oscillation and the 159-185 year Jose oscillation (and others).”

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Nicola Scafetta writes:

Dear all,

it was a pleasure to meet you at London. Some of you asked me about my paper in press about a link between astronomical, solar and climate oscillations. Here it is:

Scafetta, N., Milani, F., Antonio Bianchini, A., Ortolani, S.: On the astronomical origin of the Hallstatt oscillation found in radiocarbon and climate records throughout the Holocene. Earth-Science Reviews 162, 24–43, 2016. There is a free access to the article, and is valid for anybody until November 10, 2016 by using this link

(Permanent copy here)

The importance of the article is that it demonstrates quite clearly that the long Hallstatt oscillation (about 2318 year period), which is observed in climate and solar records is a major stable resonance of the solar system. The paper also evaluates the other major planetary stable resonances and we found all other typical oscillations found in climate and…

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Fibonacci and the earths climate

It is well known that the universe is not a chaotic system but governed by laws that are predictable. All of creation exhibits order. The Fibonacci series and the ‘golden numbers’ are found in all ordered and stable components of all living and non living things.

So why wouldn’t we find Fibonacci numbers in the weather and earths climate.

I have started this post on Tom Mangos request and posted his table of Fibonacci and conjunction cycles as requested. Tom studies the sun, moon  and the large planets Jupiter and Saturn and  there links to the earths climate .





The suns acceleration linked to the earths ice age cycles by TOM MANGO




Hi Sue,
These two graphs indicate that there are times when solar
minimum occurs at or near the same location on the ecliptic.

When the Sun’s acceleration decreases during an Ice-age cycle
it’s orbit becomes more circular and average solar cycle length
becomes longer (approaching 11.86 years).

During the 12,000 year inter-glacial periods there is evidence
that this is happening to a lesser degree. Notice the 143 year
separation (Bretagnon wave?) between 1843 and 1986.


CRIKEY said”feel freee to ask TOM questions in the comments section below.
This post is an ongoing study of Toms’
Use the search facility to find his previous posts

l store all of Toms graphs in my solar system and the earths climate folder found here


TOM MANGO supports Scafetta 2016 research on the role of the planetary gas giants on earths climate

Dr Scafetta has a new paper out in 2016

Tom has contacted me with some of his own calculations to support Scafettas findings

He wrote

“Hey Sue,

Scafetta’s new paper is all about validating the 60 year
cycle using highly technical methods.
I use an extremely simple method of sums with

very interesting results.

Here’s a table and a graph I’ve put together:’
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTEjup_sat_inequality2btom2bmango2bmay2b2016
The above works belongs to TOM MANGO

Readers can contact me at
or via this post in the comments section below..

Nicola Scafetta: High resolution coherence analysis between planetary and climate oscillations

extract from abstract
“… using the canonical correlation analysis at least five coherent frequencies at the 95% significance level are found at the following periods: 6.6, 7.4, 14, 20
and 60 years. Thus, high resolution coherence analysis confirms that the climate system can be partially modulated by astronomical
forces of gravitational, electromagnetic and solar origin. A possible chain of the physical causes explaining this coherence is briefly
2016 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved”SCAFETTA 2016′

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Image credit: NASA Image credit: NASA
Note from the author: I am sending you my new paper. It has been just published.

Scafetta, N.: High resolution coherence analysis between planetary and climate oscillations.
Advances in Space Research 57, 2121-2135, 2016.
DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2016.02.029

To help access and share the article, there is the following article link, which will provide free access to the article until June 9, 2016.

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Push continues for BOM AUDIT

Maurice Newman’s article…

Bureau of Meteorology needs to open records to audit



·      FEBRUARY 1, 2016 12:00AM

Weather bureaus have changed. They are no longer invisible organisations where avuncular bureaucrats use basic computers to deliver dodgy forecasts. Today’s weather bureaucrats are visible, sophisticated and ideological. But, despite a huge investment in supercomputers, their record for accurate forecasts remains dismal.

Their mission has expanded to include climate change advocacy, where agnostics are left in no doubt that significant weather abnormalities are evidence of global warming. They tinker with raw data but give inadequate explanation as to why. Their terrestrial records diverge increasingly with satellite and radiosonde datasets. Confidence in their integrity has been called into question.

Today’s bureaus have become climate change citadels. Their records are the repository of the Holy Grail. Regardless of doubts about their accuracy, they are protected. Hundreds of billions of dollars annually, including huge international transfer payments and tens of thousands of highly paid jobs, may depend on keeping records away from prying eyes.

Last August, a BBC Radio 4 program called What’s the Point of the Met Office? detailed the British agency’s history of dud predictions and its role as a parliamentary lobbyist. Rather than wait for an official complaint, the BBC issued a full-blown apology for “giving voice to climate-change sceptics” and “for failing to make it clear that they are a minority voice out of step with the scientific consensus”. According to program host Quentin Letts, Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s environment analyst, “went nuts” that the program was aired. Later, several BBC officials were required to undertake online training with a “substantial scenario on reporting climate-change science”.

Across the Atlantic, the US house science committee is conducting an investigation into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a $6 billion-a-year government weather service, seeking access to internal deliberations around a groundbreaking climate change study. Amid allegations that the NOAA attempted to shape and direct the committee’s oversight, chairman Lamar Smith demanded to see thousands of emails that he thinks will show that by homogenising temperature records, researchers were able to refute claims that global warming over the past decade had paused. He accused the agency of altering the data to “get the results they needed”.

Whistleblower allegations say the NOAA “rushed to publication over the objections of numerous scientists at the agency”. The NOAA has refused to hand over the emails.

Australia has its own concerns with homogenisation. Blogger Joanne Nova has reported on it for years. Scientist Jennifer Marohasy has been persistent in seeking answers to why perfectly good raw data is manipulated to turn a cooling trend into a warming one.

Auditor Ken Stewart studied thousands of Bureau of Meteorology records and demonstrates it has a case to answer. The response is to stonewall and, when information is released, to offer no means of replication. Data is converted into vague probabilities that, when technically correct, are still often meaningless. Weather agencies stand accused of a culture of “snowing” sceptics.

When then prime minister Tony Abbott wanted to establish a taskforce to investigate the bureau’s temperature dataset and other related records, the cabinet, Environment Minister Greg Hunt and his department all came to the bureau’s aid by watering down the proposal and setting up a panel approved by the BoM to “strengthen governance oversight”.

Hunt said: “In doing this, it is important to note that public trust in the bureau’s data and forecasts, particularly as they relate to bushfires and cyclones, is paramount.”

It is good to have friends in high places. Better not to know that the bank’s books have been fiddled in case the market loses confidence.

At least American taxpayers have a champion in Lamar Smith, who complained to the US Commerce Secretary that the NOAA’s top officials had “obstructed” his committee’s oversight role. He said NOAA had refused voluntarily and under subpoena to hand over critical information. “It is the end product of exchanges between scientists — the detailed understanding of scientific work that underpins the authors’ findings,” he said.

The scientists argue that Smith is setting a dangerous precedent of interfering with independent scientific work.

Australian weather officials seem to share NOAA’s views. They reject full transparency in the face of informed criticism of their work. Stonewalling, and appeals to authority, are the defence. In any other field this would be a scandal.

Is the BoM’s methodology commercial in confidence or do taxpayers, who pay more than $300 million a year for this agency, have a right to know?

Confidence in weather bureaus will continue to decline until the world is finally satisfied through thorough independent investigation and audit that the vital records over which they exercise monopoly control are the result of a scientifically rigorous, replicable process. Nothing has changed since 2009, when John Theon, retired chief of NASA’s Climate Processes Research Program and responsible for all weather and climate research, testified “scientists have manipulated the observed data to justify their model results”. Complaining about lack of transparency, he said: “It is contrary to the way science is done.”

Memo to Australia’s Auditor General: There is an urgent job to be done.

Thanks to jenny l have retrieved this article from ‘saltshakers’ website

Is the Bureau of Meteorology really ‘independent’?

Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers
a: PO Box 6049, Wantirna, Victoria, 3152


You might remember previous warriors for this cause

Jo NOVA DEC 2010

Announcing a formal request for the Auditor General to audit the Australian BOM


and Jenny stokes writes

“This is not the first time this issue has been raised. . .

In March 2014, MP Dennis Jensen raised the matter in the federal parliament, and asked for an Independent Audit of the Bureau of Meteorology. He also suggested that theAustralian Bureau of Statistics might be the appropriate body to analyse and collect the climate data instead, due to a conflict of interest that the BoM has as it also works with the UN’s IPCC.

Read Dr Jennifer Marohasy’s report – click here

Dr Marohasy has also written a detailed Open Letter to the Minister for the Environment (in March 2014) with a series of Questions that need to be answered – read it here.



I don’t thing a monopoly on anything is particularly good

an independent assessment and /or a body that oversees accountability other than the IPCC cohort would be a good idea”


First CAT 5 Cyclone WINSTON for FIJI . FEB 2016


Thanks to ken kato ,for posting on weatherzone forum

Fijian Prime Minister, J.V Bainimarama released the following statement: “Tropical Cyclone Winston has begun its assault on Fiji. It is being described as one of the powerful in recorded history – a Category 5 cyclone with winds approaching 300 kilometres an hour. As a nation, we are facing an ordeal of the most grievous kind

The storm is carrying average winds of 220km/h, with gusts of up to 315km/h recorded, according to Fiji’s Meteorological Service.

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Maunder, Dalton , Gliessburg, Oort, MWP wolf , sporer




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