Smoke / Dust / Poor Visibility

A collection of pictures . All further posts will be in comments section below. Click on the heading to load them if necessary

BRISBANE..Smoke from fires. Raised dust yesterday as well .

7th September 2019

High pressure subsidence not helping

Possibly Canungra fire. Fire at Tenterfield as well and may be others in the hinterland

7th sepgm2019 smoke brisbane

Thanks to Ken Kato for these satellite images—Day-to-Day-Weather/page10

7th sept 2019 xust and fires NE NSW7th sept 2019 dust ztorms and fires

brisbane 9th sept2019 dust


One comment on “Smoke / Dust / Poor Visibility

  1. 9th September 2019
    Fires in Yamba National Park., Tenterfield and Armidale area Moderate SW winds blew smoke on to the coast line on the border.
    Thick enough that you could look at the sun.

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