Australian weekly weather forecast 2019.

For all states

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After the stalled synoptic pattern of Jan 2019.

I thought l would continue posting . The east coast ridging has finally budged since NOV 2018 ( today is  7th feb 2019)The synoptic below shows the first troughing we have had since then. THE AAO was highly positive during this summer period

Fi9th feb 2019 trough

Finally a change in synoptic pattern after 2 months

This pattern is different and probably transitional

FE10th feb 2019 _access11th feb 2019westerly belt replaces the high in the Bight. Signs the westerly belt is becoming more zonal ( wavy). The lack of MSLP gradient is evident on the mainland


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  1. T+96hrs ACC g
    Surface trough with tropical dip in isobars . Later, possibly forming an onshore low.
    From Tuesday 17th sept and into 18th Sept .I will guess some storm activity.

    and then after that on thursday 19th, we have an easterly moist onshore stream from the Tasman possibly giving some coastal actvity on the thursday.

  2. T+150hr forecast ACCg..Thursday 19th Sept 2019
    Longwave trough to a very northerly 25s latitude possibly giving most parts of the state a storm band and some precipitation. A welcome event for SA

  3. ACCESS G has done a downgrade of this troughing.
    It no longer suggests a low circulation forming on the coast and that puts a lid on the bigger potential.
    ACC giving most to NE NSW coast and the lighter signal northward up the coast to the mid coast of QLD.

    The event a bit closer now. The first signs of rain in NE NSW and SE QLD on tuesday 17th around 4pm

  4. Friday 19th Sept.
    Long wave trough. Very moist southerly feeding in to the backside of the trough

    A strong 1040 High near NZ may contribute to strong pre frontal winds ahead of the rain band.

    Possible embedded thunderstorms

    A nice long precip’ band from 28s down to the coast.
    Could be a nice event for Adelaide and the peninsula

    Today 21st sept 2019
    Onshore showers . Dew point 17 deg c

  5. A positive IOD is known to be correlated with a reduction in Australian rainfall

    However l have noted over the years that there are 2 parameters that can overcome the lower rainfall

    One. A meridonal jetstream pattern both polar and sub polar can direct moisture down to mid latitudes regardless of the IOD phase.

    Two.. A tropical dip in isobars which can draw moist N easterlies in from the coral and the sub tropical trough gives the convection.

    There is an example of this in ACC g this week

    T+ 150hrs forecast

    25th September 2019

  6. Trough and rain signal for SE QLD
    A tropical dip in isobars in NW QLD on thursday 26th sept

    and trough 27th sept .
    Noticing how dry this trough is. SE QLD just catching a patch of more favorable conditions

    Significant drop in equatorial isobars

  7. Following on from above. The closed low migrates east toward the Bight, giving SE SA its northern flank.
    A weak precip’ signal currently

    The following day on VIC

    Tasmania has quite a few rain bands coming through this week.

    Thursday 3rd and 4th Oct 2019 For starters

  8. 24thOctober2019
    trough Victoria.
    Strong hot NWesterly ahead of the wind change line.
    Wind change overnight about 3am
    Weak precipitation signal across all of the state morning in the west and friday arvo’ in the west.
    Precip’ signal extends to east outback SA to southern NSW on friday

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