Extreme East coast low weather ………… SE Queensland..Australia

Here are some comments regarding extreme wet weather events in SE Queensland

Many of these people were there at the time . Here are their comments from weathezone forum

The extreme events all appear  to have come from  EAST COAST LOWS ( ECL)

I asked them on the forum

Does this region sometimes get very wet winters ?
I mean is a wet winter out of the question?

Here is a compilation of their answers

Ken Kato

“Yep sometimes. One of the more memorable ones included over 770mm in 24hrs at Coops Corner during the severe Sunshine Coast floods of August 2007 caused by an intense ECL. That’s at the upper end of the scale though.”

Adam ant

“To add to Kens example, the May 1996 event was also significant. I believe it was an ECL. That event got me interested in the weather. My dads rainfall station at Withcott recorded over 500mm in the 6 days and is still the highest monthly total he has recorded there in over 40 years (beating the 2010/11 floods)…_stn_num=040672

Heres a link to BOMs report

2016 was a fairly decent winter rainfall season also for this area. Over 300mm was recorded from June to September, traditionally our driest months. There were some fantastic winter crops that year. ”


“Just showing my age again, but my earliest ECL memory was July 1965 then a couple of huge events in June ’67. Maybe RWN remembers them as well.”


“There were 3 in June 67. The first was over the Queens Birthday weekend, which set numerous June monthly and 24 hour records in SEQ, yet to be broken. I was stuck in a train coming back from Toowoomba and then waded waist deep across the soon to be Expo site to South Brisbane station. Finally a 3 hour rail motor ride home to Manly ( 13 miles ) with a maintenance gang riding in the front compartment of the Rail Motor getting out each time to clean off flood debris that was across the tracks.

The July 65 ECL saw Brisbane record a record low max temp of 11 deg, plus highest ever 24 hour rain for July. Snow noted on ranges west of Mackay. Snow dusting melted on impact at Richmond, and a near zero min temp at a station on the Cape.”






3 comments on “Extreme East coast low weather ………… SE Queensland..Australia

  1. East coast low
    Special Climate Statement 57 extensive early June rainfall … · PDF file

    Special Climate Statement 57— extensive early June rainfall affecting the Australian east coast 1 In early June 2016, much of the east coast of Australia and Tasmania experienced very heavy rainfall as a result of an extensive upper-level trough and the formation of an East Coast Low complex in the Tasman Sea.

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