A brand new Australian weather forum has opened… August 2019

as a replacement for the now defunct weatherzone forum .Weatherzone forum closed in JULY 2019 .

Paul Atkins is the author and administrator.

I go on there myself with username ‘crikey’

I encourage you to join and help build this forum with regular posts

Check it out here.. Its free.. Just register and start posting

(Don’t forget the .au or you will end up in an overseas address.There are quite a few forums with a similar address)

front door


Pauls’ ABOUT page says

” forum is created and hosted by the same people who created and came about due to the closing of the WeatherZone forum in mid 2019. (Although we were a couple of months late!!!)

I am an IT manager, who feels the need to get back on the tools and play with things, like this forum, just to keep the old brain cells engaged!

We are a non commercial site created by a weather enthusiast for Weather enthusiasts.

We aim to create a forum where people can express their own opinions, however we expect users to respect other users as people and avoid conflict and trolling. To help with this we utilise various spam filters and profanity filters. This should help make the WeatherForum a place for young and old to enjoy.

(We is myself and Gemma the cat, who walked on the keyboard whilst the forum was being created)”


Satellite pictures and radar .. Links

I will start collecting some site links for quick reference

Here is a great Australian link.

A feast of radar and satellite options layed out on a user friendly format so that you can see the best of Australian weather at a glance.

The author is looking to upgrade and expand.

I love also the highest and lowest temperatures in Australian states  displayed in a format that is a breeze to read.


This site has lots of ‘goodies’.. check it out

The author has just opened a new Australian weather forum.

Please support them



Please scroll down to comments section below to see more links to satellite and radar sites. Click on the heading if they don’t load.







Global satellite pictures

Thanks to technology we have access to a feast of resources.

Try some of these links and feel free to add or comment below


Zoom into new NASA satellite and aerial images of the Earth, updated every day.


ACCU weather