Fibonacci and the earths climate

It is well known that the universe is not a chaotic system but governed by laws that are predictable. All of creation exhibits order. The Fibonacci series and the ‘golden numbers’ are found in all ordered and stable components of all living and non living things.

So why wouldn’t we find Fibonacci numbers in the weather and earths climate.

I have started this post on Tom Mangos request and posted his table of Fibonacci and conjunction cycles as requested. Tom studies the sun, moon  and the large planets Jupiter and Saturn and  there links to the earths climate .




Earths Magnetic Field Weakening 2014

The Earths Magnetic field is weakening.
So what does that mean for global weather?
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July 11, 2014 12:20 pm

This could get interesting. Our exit out of the last episode of the Pleistocene Ice Age 11,700 years ago corresponded to a dramatic increase in field strength for Earth’s magnetic poles. So the question is if the Earth’s magnetic field weakens significantly will it lead us into the next glacial period of this Ice Age.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul


An interesting video here on how the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening in recent years.

Yahoo also have the full story here.

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