Volcanoes and global cooling

Found this amazing essay published on National geographic

Colossal volcano behind ‘mystery’ global cooling finally found

The eruption devastated local Maya settlements and caused crop failures around the world

Some extracts

The ices of Greenland and Antarctica bear the fingerprints of a monster: a gigantic volcanic eruption in 539 or 540 A.D. that killed tens of thousands and helped trigger one of the worst periods of global cooling in the last 2,000 years. Now, after years of searching, a team of scientists has finally tracked down the source of the eruption.

The team’s work, published in Quaternary Science Reviews, lays out new evidence that ties the natural disaster to Ilopango, a now-dormant volcano in El Salvador. Researchers estimate that in its sixth-century eruption, Ilopango expelled the equivalent of 10.5 cubic miles of dense rock, making it one of the biggest volcanic events on Earth in the last 7,000 years. The blast was more than a hundred times bigger than the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption and several times larger than the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. It dealt the local Maya settlements a blow that forever altered their trajector……

el salvador


Ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica show spikes of sulfate, a byproduct of large volcanic eruptions, at 536 and either 539 or 540. The two volcanoes were so large and so violent, they launched sulfur gases and particles miles into the sky. Since this material reflected sunlight away from Earth’s surface, it triggered severe global cooling: One 2016 study found that the volcanoes decreased average global temperatures by as much as 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit……


geologists published new evidence that the historical “dust veil” of 536 was caused by a volcano. In the other, researchers announced that the Tierra Blanca Joven extended into marine sediments off the coast of El Salvador. The Tierra Blanca Joven eruption was even bigger than Dull and others thought.…….


Dull’s team also revised their estimate of Ilopango’s size, taking into account the thickness and spread of Tierra Blanca Joven deposits. They say that Ilopango may have even dwarfed the 1815 Tambora eruption, a huge volcanic event that ushered in “a year without a summer” because of the global cooling it caused. Ilopango likely launched up to a million tons of sulfur miles into the sky, high enough for stratospheric winds to spread the aerosols worldwide and trigger global cooling.…..

The actual Research paper

Radiocarbon and geologic evidence reveal Ilopango volcano as source of the colossal ‘mystery’ eruption of 539/40 CE







Climate shifts…natural variation

I have started this blog post because today l have found out all major search engines are re routing the search string ‘climate shift’.

If you enter this term into any search engine, it will respond with pages and pages of ‘climate change’

We are being prevented from viewing alternative theories to man made climate change theories or facts, folks.

I will make an attempt to collect some links to climate regime shift sites that focus on natural variability.

I have tried alternatives to google and they ALL redirect the term ‘climate shift’

…You can get around this by..

Using google scholar…

which will accept the string ‘climate shift’ and lead you to alternative research on the reasons for global temperature trends other than AGW


on on the main google search engine page use talking marks on the search string which over rides the ban on the term… climate shift

“climate shift”






Sudden stratospheric warming event.. Northern Hemisphere Jan 2019

We are talking about what’s going on in the upper air ( stratosphere) over the ARCTIC POLAR REGION.  A sudden up welling of warm air is called a stratospheric warming.

The event sends ‘shock waves’  across the globe.

Michael Ventrice from Weather company is reporting and following this event on twitter.

MJVentrice   @ twitter

On January 6th 2019..Michael posted

“The split of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex is now taking place.”

jan 6 2019 polar vortex split


JANUARY 10th…….. Michael posted

“Classic downward propagation of anomalous warm air following the SSWE”

polar temperature anomaly jan 10 _2019

JANUARY 11th 2019..Michael Ventrice from weather company and twitter .. posted

“The next step of a SSWE is the downward propagation of warmth into the troposphere. During this downward step, there is cooling over the Polar stratosphere, with warming over the equatorial Stratosphere. This tends to suppressed significant MJO activity moving for a couple months”



Todd Crawford @tcrawf_nh Jan 10

MICHAEL VENTRICE POSTS 12 th January 2019.

The effect on the equatorial troposphere.

Michael posts

“It’s not often you get 15m/s+ westerly wind anomalies in the lower troposphere over the equatorial Date Line. This translates to 10m/s+ actual westerlies in this region, qualifying this as a true Westerly Wind Burst. Some discussions with at on this

event being the strongest WWB in this region of the world in our archives. I’d have to run an analysis to confirm, but I trust Paul. In the coming months, we should see a response in the Pacific Ocean in which grows El Nino later this Summer into Fall.


“Astonishing thing about that figure is that some people still think that WWBs are not associated with the MJO (because they are using the RMM index instead of focusing on the lower tropospheric wind). Upper trop flow and OLR signals occasionally distort the index.”

850hpa zonal wind anomalies_equator_ 11th dec 2018 to 6 jan 2019


Another researcher of SSW on twitter to follow..       WILLIAM SEVIOUR



Thanks to Michael and his followers


Meteorological Scientist | PhD in Tropical Meteorology from | 2018 Chair of



How many explanations for why the Antartic sea ice is at record levels?

Just read another article explaining the record Antarctic sea ice extent ..
I feel l have read a number of explanations from the academics. with different conclusions. Thought l might start collecting a few of these for comparison

record antartic ice extent anomlay graph

Hmmm? Think l have read 3 or 4 different explanations now from the academics

Thought l would start a post and collect all the varied explanations———–

Here is the latest’ research from Hobart .Australia

12 March 2014, 12.54pm AEST

How wind helps Antarctic sea ice grow, even as the Arctic melts

Released in Hobart yesterday, The Position Analysis: Antarctic Sea Ice and Climate Change 2014 report from the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre has sought to clear up widespread confusion about the polar differences in sea ice.

PDF download link

Click to access 2014%20ACE%20Position%20Analysis%20Antarctic%20Sea%20Ice%20and%20Climate%20Change%20FINAL%20LOW%20RES.pdf

source : found this research here

FRom the conversation’ article.
THe reasons for the excess ice are :

“Lead author of the report Jan Lieser, a marine glaciologist at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems centre, said

researchers were confident of the physical driver behind the increase of ice: wind.

Dr Lieser said that global warming

and, to a lesser extent, the ozone hole,

had been found to be the main physical drivers of the increase in westerly winds over the Southern Ocean, what he dubbed a “double whammy from above and below”.

I will read this tomorrow and do a summary in the comments below…..

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