2018/19 : the second-warmest financial year on record in Australia

Climate of the 2018–19 financial year ..Report by BOM–19 financial year

‘…it was the second-warmest financial year on record’


.My comment… Since when are ‘financial years’ the  time frame for the primary seasonal report?




4 comments on “2018/19 : the second-warmest financial year on record in Australia

  1. Some would call this ‘cherry picking’ but none the less a spectacular warm and dry period over the 2018/2019 tax season
    From a cycle perspective a notable solar system climate analyst saw this coming and wrote to BOM and parliament years ago and warned them
    I will dig that info’ up and post here.
    He made links to the longer range moon cycles and l am not talking about astrology but astrophysics
    ..Here we go. Found it
    Ian Wilson
    Monday, April 29, 2019
    A 2013 Prediction of Severe Drought in South-Eastern Australia in 2019, Willfully Ignored by the Australian Government.
    The following shows the front page of Dr. Ian R.G. Wilson’s submission to the 2013 Australian Senate Committee on Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events.

    and BTW Ian Wilson is not a loner in his field of research
    There are many prominent researchers that link astrophysics to the earths climate

  2. Heat records ..Still continuing onto JULY 2019 for Sydney
    Sydney’s record mid-winter warmth
    Ben Domensino, Thursday July 25, 2019 – 14:13 EST

    Sydney just registered its eighth consecutive day over 20 degrees, setting a new record for July.

    The average maximum temperature in Sydney during July is about 16 degrees. However, this month has only had one day below 17 degrees so far.

    A lack of cloud, rain and strong cold fronts have been responsible for this month’s unusual warmth in Sydney.

  3. July is the old September in Sydney
    Brett Dutschke, Wednesday July 24, 2019 – 09:17 EST

    Has July become the old September in Sydney? The city is currently experiencing a run of mild days, akin to an old-fashioned September but this has been less than unusual of late.

    Some may recall this time last year, it turned out to be the warmest July on record in terms of average maximum temperature, averaging 19.9 degrees for the month. This is 3.5 degrees warmer than the long-term July average and only 0.2 of a degree cooler than the long-term September average.

    Last July the city reached 20 degrees or warmer on seven consecutive days, setting a new 160-year record.

    So far this July there have also been seven, from Thursday 18th to Wednesday 24th, equalling the record. If the city reaches 20 degrees tomorrow it will set a new record.

    In the 159 years prior to 2018, not one July had as many consecutive days this warm. The longest run was six days, in 2014.

    Perhaps this is the new norm for July – dry winds, ample sunshine and less than 30 millimetres for the month. The long-term average rainfall for July is 97mm.

    With winds generally blowing from the west, off the land, very little moisture is coming in from our nearby oceans. And that trend looks like persisting for the next week or so. Any fronts are expected to remain weak and are unlikely to deliver significant rain in that time. As a result, the city may end up completing its warmest and one of its driest Julys on record.

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