A study of significant heat or drought in Australia

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SUMMER 2018/2019

A persistent pos AAO…Stalled synoptic pattern…with the Tasman high centred west of NZ..,.. jetstreams well south and zonal ( not wavy).. monsoonal activity mainly up in the far nth qld

map source:

Three-monthly rainfall deciles for Australia

Comments and information from weatherzone forum  >>>>>>>>

Rainfall deciles… Archive …. Australia.


KEN KATO..said  “Above is what Australia’s hottest summer on record looks like in the decile maps covering the last 3 months.”


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12 comments on “A study of significant heat or drought in Australia

  1. The South East Queensland drought to 2007…/pdf/seq_drought_2007.pdf · PDF file

    the end of January 2007 is the worst on record.

    The accumulated rainfall deficit since March 2001 (that is, … 6 The South East Queensland Drought to 2007 There has been a strong drying trend in eastern Queensland since 1950 (Figure 4a) and a weaker drying trend in eastern Queensland since 1900 (Figure 4b). The drying trend over these periods is consistent with an increased frequency of El …

  2. 2000’s Australian drought
    Drought in Australia – Wikipedia

    2007 saw record temperatures across the south of Australia, and only patchy rain; promising early year rains contrasted with a very dry July-October period, meaning that drought conditions persisted across much of the south-east. At this point, the Bureau of Meteorology estimated that south-eastern Australia had missed the equivalent of a full year’s rain in the previous 11 years.

    Droughts in the 19th … ·
    Drought in the 20th … ·
    Drought in the 21st …

  3. report from ‘retired weatherman’ on weatherzone forum

    So far this year is drier than the start of the 2 previous lowest ever annual totals. But obviously a long way to go.

    This year to end of Feb…58.4mm.
    Lowest ever year 1902- total to end of Feb 120.2mm,
    Next lowest year 1977- total to end of Feb 169.4mm.

    This total is also the lowest Jan/Feb total ever regardless of the annual outcome, the previous lowest being 60.3mm in 2017.

    The above are for Manly Railway Station, operating since 1899..”

  4. Heat record broken in HOBART the capital of Tasmanaia , Australia today . With 132 yrs of records
    Report t from weatherzone ‘loneydave’

    Just thought you Queensland folks might be interested that in Hobart its currently 38.8 degrees. Previous March record in Hobart was 37.3 and previous March record for anywhere in Tassie was 38 degrees. ”

    A comment from the Tasmanian forum at 1pm today 2nd march 2019. From ‘yep’
    “Hobart’s 38.0c at 1pm ties with the March state record at Campania, in 2008”

    My comment
    . The record for Hobart WAS and broken today.
    37.3 deg c .. 1940 13th March
    my comment
    “The previous record for Hobart and broken today was 13th March 1940.
    It has taken 78 yrs to break that record.

    All the other daily records w……. nothing after 1945.

    lowest max daily…. 1925

    Daily Highest minimum..1906

    Daily Lowest minimum 1926

    Highest rain daily 1946

    Here are the isotherms for this record Tasmanian heat event

  5. Heat records in south east Queensland today 12th march 2019
    casino obs 12th march 2019
    Blair Trewin weatherzone forum
    39.6 at Casino is a March record for the Northern Rivers district (there have been 40s further south on the NSW coast, e.g. at Kempsey and Taree).

    9am 24.7deg c dewpoint 20.2deg c wind west
    12pm 34.5 deg c dew point 13.9 deg c wind w nw
    2.30pm 39.1degc dew point 8.7 degc wind w nw
    wind change at 4pm to SE temp 36 deg
    7pm 28.5 deg c dew point 20.2 deg c wind e se
    scone top of 35.5 degc at 4.30pm dew point 2.6deg c. w sw
    narrabri 35.1 deg c5pm dew point 7.2 deg c wind w sw

  6. Here is a link to a forum discussion on significant lack of rainfall in parts of inland NSW
    Re: NSW rainfall shortage from May 2018

    quote from Surly Bond March 2019
    “On the Namoi, Keepit Dam, which is the main water storage, is at 0%, and the back-up storage at Split Rock Dam is at 3%. On the Namoi tributary, the Peel River, Chaffey Dam (which supplies Tamworth) is at 30%.
    Further north, on the Gwydir River, Copeton Dam is at 12%.”

  7. Autumn 2019..Sydney
    “Sydney prolonged run of pleasant weather during the last couple of weeks was also the city’s warmest fortnight this late in the season on record, based on consecutive maximum temperatures.

    Sydney is forecast to register its 14th consecutive day in the mid-to-high twenties on Friday, with the city forecast to reach a top of 28 degrees.

    This will be Sydney’s longest spell of days this warm, this late in the season, in more than 160 years of records.”

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