First CAT 5 Cyclone WINSTON for FIJI . FEB 2016


Thanks to ken kato ,for posting on weatherzone forum

Fijian Prime Minister, J.V Bainimarama released the following statement: “Tropical Cyclone Winston has begun its assault on Fiji. It is being described as one of the powerful in recorded history – a Category 5 cyclone with winds approaching 300 kilometres an hour. As a nation, we are facing an ordeal of the most grievous kind

The storm is carrying average winds of 220km/h, with gusts of up to 315km/h recorded, according to Fiji’s Meteorological Service.

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One comment on “First CAT 5 Cyclone WINSTON for FIJI . FEB 2016

  1. Here are a couple of images of the extreme wind damage Cyclone WINSTON inflicted on Fiji.
    The eye of the cyclone passed over both islands when it was at Cat-5 intensity. The JTWC estimated sustained winds of 145 knots (165 mph/270 km/hr) when it passed over Vanua Balavu and 160 knots (185 mph/295 km/hr) when it passed over Koro Island. Besides the heavy structural damage, notice most of the palm trees have been snapped off—something you only see in extremely severe cyclone impacts. (Photos: New Zealand Defence Force/AFP)
    If you want to help Fiji with the relief efforts, here are some links my good friend, hurricane research dude Brenden Moses, pulled together:
    Australian Red Cross
    New Zealand Red Cross
    Save the Children…/…/b.9366017/k.B743/Fiji.htm ‪#‎CTCorp

    OCHA Pacific ‏twitter2nd feb 2016
    Whole communities destroyed by #TCWinston on Koro in #Fiji’s NE. Pic from Fiji Govt/NZ surveillance flight.

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