CET: The phenomenal December of 2015

The mean temperature for December was 9.67°C which was a remarkable +5.02°C above the 1961-1990 long-term average for the month. It was 1.58°C warmer than the last warmest December of 1934 a record that lasted for over 80 years

One comment on “CET: The phenomenal December of 2015

  1. G’day dung beetles!! You have to learn what everybody knows, or should know that: ENGLAND IS NOT ”THE GLOBE” – when discussing english weather / TEMPERATURE- without knowing the size of the world, and different variations in temperatures and climates in the rest of the world that have NOTHING, NOTHING to do with the data you have = you are talking about YOUR understanding and IQ, not about the ‘GLOBAL” temperature!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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