Spring / Summer 2015_2015 ..Australia

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  • NOTE: Have been away for a few weeks on other business

    27th SEPTEMBER 2015

    South east QLD. THe 3 rd day in a row for thunderstorms. A good start to the storm season
    Here is a stunning shot found by KEN KATO on facebook of Hail storm


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    1. FORECAST 2nd -~6th oct 2015
      ACCESS forecast for a stalling strong high pressure cell centred off the nth NSW coast from late friday to monday and possibly tuesday.
      You can see its position draws the anticlockwise wind flow o the western flank doen through the interior and across SA, NSW and QLD for 3-4 days.
      THe media muting some possible heat records for september from this event.
      1033 h pa near thge mid NSW coast is relatively unique?

      THanks to KenKato for this heat anomaly map showing the heat wave extent

    2. Low level snow summer in the central highlands , mt wellington 11th Dec 2015


      A drop in the tropical isobars over the mainland this week.
      13th -18th dec 2015

      ( access forecast)
      I remember last year there was an extended period of a dip in isobars over the mainland that acted a bit like a standing pattern over summer. I wonder if this will re emerge this season
      The lack of either strong high or low cells on the mainland. (isobars far apart)seems conducive to low wind and higher temps building up in the interior
      but also allows tropical lows and moisture from the nth of OZ to slide well south on transition.
      Remember last year we had ex lows transitioning close to SE QLD
      The drop in tropical isobars also allows tropical moisture to penetrate well south when assisted by the upper layers…it=Refresh+View

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