Snow in south western Australia

Here l will document Past and present documented snow events on the southern WA ranges.
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William Bungey, a farmer from Borden, recording the temperature on Bluff Knoll at 7am this morning

  • A rare dusting of snow has fallen over Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Range, in Western Australia’s Great Southern, entertaining some campers and others who made the trek.

    VIDEO: Rare dusting of snow falls on Bluff Knoll in WA’s Stirling Range (ABC News)
    Temperatures plummeted across the state’s south over Saturday night, with Pingelly in the Wheatbelt recording the lowest at -2 degrees Celsius.from this link

    The last time it snowed in WA was in August 2013, also at Bluff Knoll.

    More than 100 people climbed the trail at Bluff Knoll to see the snow, with some sleeping overnight in anticipation and others trekking up in the early hours of the morning.

    The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) had predicted snow was possible over ranges, saying a front passing over the state’s south was bringing a trail of cold air behind it.

    It said snow typically falls in WA about once per year, most commonly in the Stirling and Porongorup Ranges….

    “Another cold front was due to bring some moderate rainfall to the South West and Lower West districts on Monday, forecasters said.

    Bluff Knoll, 90 kilometres north of Albany, is the third highest peak in Western Australia.

    The BoM said while snow in WA most often occurred over the state’s far south, there had been reports of it falling as far north as Wongan Hills (1923), Bencubbin (1956) and Coolgardie (1966).”


    One comment on “Snow in south western Australia

    1. 16th AUGUST 2013
      “”There’s about five millimetres at the base of the trees, but out in the open, zero. A few of the rocks have got a bit.

      “It is actually really quite nice and worth the walk.

      “It’s speckled white, it’s got character.”

      Andrew Collins, who also climbed Bluff Knoll to see the snow, says the rare event generated a crowd.

      “There were around 10 or 12 adventurers this morning all chasing the same thing,” he said.

      “On the way up we didn’t think there was going to be anything but as we reached the summit, just at the base of the trees, there’s a build up of snow.”

      The Bureau says snow typically falls in WA about once per year, most commonly in the Stirlings or Porongorups.”

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