Here l will collect information on low level snow events in NSW Australia. Past and present

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LAURIER WILLIAMS keeps excellent archives of snow events


Sunrise on Sunday at Taralga, NSW, 40km north of Goulburn. Clouds that brought the most extensive snow in a decade or more to southeastern Australia during Saturday withdrew to the coast to reveal a strange and magical white landscape to the new day.
Andrew Miskelly

Here is one such

17th JULY 2004

“Southern Highlands NSW:

Snow in the Moss Vale to Robertson area was the heaviest for 10 years

according to the SES. The snow extended as far as Barrengarry Mountain, with Barrengarry farmer Trevor Parrish telling the Illawarra Mercury that the whole escarpment was covered with powdery white snow. Snow also fell briefly at Cambewarra Lookout Tearooms around 10.30pm.

Falls as low as 600m covered Robertson, Mittagong, Moss Vale and Bowral with up to 7 or 8cm on the ground

by late Saturday evening closing the Illawarra Highway and local roads west of Robertson, and causing icy conditions on the Hume Highway south of Mittagong.”


20 comments on “LOW LEVEL SNOW… NSW… Australia

  1. Thanks to ‘ozthunder’ from weatherzone forum for this post
    “Here at

    Shellharbour Square

    where I live there is a picture on the wall of the shopping centre, taken in the

    late 1940’s

    judging by the old car shapes. It shows a convey of (traffic jam) of cars returning from Robertson at around the first hairpin and all the cars have huge snowmen on them that people had built.”

  2. BLACKHEATH WEATHER keeps excellent documentation of snow events in Balckheath NSW






    Snowfall Classics
    Blackheath – 28-5-00
    Shooters Hill – 14-6-99
    Blackheath Pool – Winter 1984
    Stanthorpe – July 4th, 1984
    Winter Magic Festival – June 1995
    Blackheath – Winter 1968
    Guyra – Winter 1977
    Mt Cannobolas – Winter 2007
    Bathurst – 5-7-1900
    July 17-19 – 1965 fall
    YouTube – 1965 fall?
    Mudgee – Winter 1902
    Guyra – Winter 1977
    Mt Wellington – May 1980
    Lithgow – Sept.1970

  3. Some comments about snow in Canberra from Blair Trewin
    ” Surprised that no-one in any of the threads (that I’ve noticed) has mentioned Canberra.

    I think Canberra has its best chance for a decent fall for a long time (the last time there was significant snow on the ground in the city was May 2000)

    – though the perennial problem in a place which is so heavily rainshowed from the west and south-west is whether the system runs out of moisture by the time it’s cold enough.

  4. Interesting gradient wind pattern into this snow event on

    12th july 2015

    Deep icy fetch into the western flank of the low from sub Antarctic 50s
    and tropical moist input into the southern
    Could produce some interesting mixing over the NSW alps. !!

  5. 11th_12th July 2015

    NSW 11th -12th july 2015
    Just got back from a cave tour at Jenolan. Slushy snow started to fall nearing the top of the hill heading back to Oberon. Reasonably heavy snow from there through to Edith. Eased off closer to town, but still large sections of road with settled snow.
    Slushy stuff from the north-west and a temp of -1 out of town.
    “talked to a few friends who are up at Oberon and Hampton while watching the lighting sheets encroach, they were experiencing thunder snow and were very happy! ”
    ‘gwilli’ 2am 12th july 2015
    talked to a few friends who are up at Oberon and Hampton while watching the lighting sheets encroach, they were experiencing thunder snow and were very happy!
    Great Western Hwy is closed between Lithgow and Bathurst. There also some closures west of Orange both on the Escort Way and the Mitchell Hwy.”
    _8am ‘muminbathhurst’ “Nice picture of snow over mt rankin this morning. Driving to the hospital this morning it looks awesome toward yetholme. White white and more white”
    10am ‘waverider” Was puking down with snow earlier here just west of Crookwell.”
    ‘wintersolstice “lifton Grove near Orange was blanketed with snow overnight and it has continued to lightly snow on and off all morning.”
    “This mornings view of Mount Rankin from my verandah. Still quite dark but you can definitely see white”

    Shooters Hill picture by ‘kangaroo’

    ‘sydney’ “Heavy snow here at blackheath although not settling”
    ‘waverider’ “These were taken just west of Crookwell near Grabben Gullen”

    “Went to shooters. Worried at no settled snow in Oberon when I was there (about 1) but it was snowing nicely indeed. Headed to shooters and got settling just after turning onto sh road. Depth increased quickly and it looked lovely. Several massive snowmen on the hill. 1 about 1.7m tall. Very nice up there snow generally maybe 50mm. Snowed well all the time there and would still be doing it now. It will look brilliant tomorrow. Good snow most way back to Bx and sleet here since”
    ‘muminbathurst’ Bathurst to yetholme’

    Just outside Black Springs

    ‘Blairtrewin’ “Just looked at the Bombala obs and the roads site – the highway is closed between Nimmitabel and Bombala, and from the Bombala AWS temperatures I would guess that it has been snowing on and off there for much of the afternoon (although the AWS is a bit above the town).”
    ‘Homer’ “here were reports as the band of precipitation went through Cooma this evening that there was good snow falling in town.
    Also, reports of the same from Jindabyne.”
    ‘jon77’ Snow on the hill tops around Mudgee and we managed to get above the snow line. I was expecting just a little more from this event mind snow wise. Snow on and off for much of the drive back and laying on the ground in patches, very wet snow and not much depth. Still a dusting od snow on the ground at Lithgow and Mt Victoria but was melting pretty quickly. Nothing at all by Blackheath. All those snow seeking day trippers from Sydney seemed disappointed. Seems the upper mountains missed out with regards snow, but that is the way it goes up there.
    ‘eddyG’ ” did yesterday see snow on the Brindies, could even see snow towards Bungendore!!”
    “atest from Gloucester Visitor Information Centre: (6538 5252): Due to more heavy snowfalls on the Scone-Gloucester road across Barrington Tops, the road gates are closed at Honeysuckle, Dilgry Circle and the Dingo Gate. 4WD access only from Cobark Park picnic area to Honeysuckle picnic area and there is a NPWS ranger at Cobark Park turning back 2WD vehicle due to dangerous road conditions. There’s plenty of snow to see before you get to those closed gates but only 4WD and please slow down – it’s not a race. Also Thunderbolts Way is now closed to through traffic due to heavy snowfall, no-one is getting into or out of Walcha today.”
    12th juky 2015
    “WHOOOOO Dumping here in Guyra about a 1cm of snow on cars already.”
    ‘rustyzook'”Nice cover at Sheba dams.
    ‘aeros'”Snow refused to settle around Guyra at 1300m, but South of Glen Innes, and South of Tenterfield, snow settled at 1000m??”
    ‘snowstruck81’ ” Topdale Road last night and woke to about 2cm of snow. Heading back towards Walcha now and still snowing.”
    “Bloody awesome along atop dale Road. Easily 10-15cm of snow along Forest Way-Topdale are and has been snowing lightly all day!

    “eading back to Nundle, it’s better snow threw the forest, places up to 15cm thick and nice big snowflakes.”


    BEN LOMOND by ‘blowin’http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p512/Blowin1/Mobile%20Uploads/EC1E272F-B727-43F8-B44E-9C6ED8F898B1_zps3ryaj10x.jpg
    TOPDALE RD BY ‘thundersnow’http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll40/michael_gill1/th_Untitled_Panorama1%20copy_zpskxfwtkim.jpg

    “Couple of cm in armidale
    Hwy closed from bendemere to glen Innes”
    ‘joesk’ “Talk in at the roadhouse at Black mountain from the blokes keeping the hwy shut that it may be midday at the earliest of it been reopened. Even a greyhound bus with passengers trying to sleep stuck here. One of the passengers said that cars were in ditches and a ute on its roof. A truck driver said that they were going to block it of at another point closer to Guyra itself. Hasn’t really stopped snowing all night, an amazing sight and experience .
    ‘paulcirius'”Guyra totally covered in snow, temp minus 1.3 and have to say a wind chill below minus 10. Still snowing

    ‘colin maitland’
    “Road closure from Glenn Innes to Bendemeer in both directions”

    ‘ronW’ “Snowing quite hard in Walcha. About 7cm so far. Roads in the area beginning to be closed.Up to 30cm just out of town on Thunderbolts Way above 1200m.Temp stuck on zero.

    ‘blowin’ ARMIDALE

    SNOW AT EUKEY by ‘aeros’
    “y phone is about to die so I can’t share pics and video yet, but at around 3:30 -5am I ran into Ken Kato at Eukey. We got two good falls of snow. One fall was big 5cm flakes sticking to my jacket, letterboxes, and my car. After an hour my front bumper still had snow caked on it. About 1cm smile and a bit less on the roof.”

    GUYRA report


    ‘rustyzook'”Mt Kaptuar has had some snow!
    ‘snowbm’ re: Black mountain rd..”then you narrowly missed some ice through the windscreen, as the powerlines over the road were shedding tubes of ice about a metre long.

  6. 14th July 2015

    Thanks ron from walcha
    Snow Smashes Electric And Telephone Lines

    Telephone communication with places north of Armidale was totally cut off this morning.

    The only way in which telegraphic traffic could be handled was through Station 2AD, which sent a message to the Guyra postmaster to stand by for further announcements. Later, a number of messages were transmitted.

    Mr. Blake Forsyth. of “Keston” Guyra, left home this morning for Port Macquarie. He is still at Armidale. because of the flooding of the Armidale-Uralla Road.

    Mr.Forsyth brought a sorry story of conditions at Guyra.

    The snow is 2 foot thick in most places and in Bradley Street it averaged 18 inches. Snow was falling at the rate of about three inches an hour at 10 a.m.

    Telephone and electric supply lines are down everywhere, and power has been cut off.

    Walcha isolated by
    snow fall

    Great documentary here for 14th july 2015 and some good pics’

    “Some of the snow drifts
    were over one metre deep.”


    “The Walcha Council
    WeatherLink readings in town were: Saturday 1.2 degree minimum
    to a maximum of 11.7 degrees; Sunday -0.9 degrees to a top of 6.2
    degrees; Monday -0.6 degrees to 4.3 degrees. ”
    “In digging back through records, local historian,
    Bob Walsh said that this wasn’t our heaviest fall.
    “The snowfall in September 1917 is supposed
    to have dumped record amounts of snow here.
    ” Bob also recalls a heavy fall in 1984 when
    he was living at Kilburnie. “We could not get out for three days. The
    snow was easily 25cm deep in the house yard.” The roads were cut
    in and out of town for about one week during this fall”
    Ron from walcha says” We had 6 foot + drifts back then with 40cm on the flat.”


    Posted by Ken Kato

    Some more snow chase reports
    ” The summit of Brothers Peak was absolutely freezing, I had my anemometer which measured gusts of 85-93km/h, and with a staggering wind chill of an unbelievable -21C!”

  7. 16th/17th JULY 2015..the best low level snow in 30 yrs in NSW and into southern QLD

    Fabulous pictures on the news. This event may compare to the 1984 event l believe

    DRIVING IN THE SNOW Bathurst to Yetholme 17th July 2015

    by ‘muminbathurst’

    who is Karin wright

    FORUM Discussion , documentation and pictures


    800m in hills east of Canberra

    7.30pm obs’ temps 16th July 2015 within trough and potential precipitation available
    coonabarabran 2 deg c
    orange 0.9degc
    nullo mountain -0.2deg c
    glenn innes 1.2 deg c
    armidale airport – 0.5 deg c ! 1079m
    murrindindi gap 2.4 deg c
    kempsey 4.2 deg c dropped 2.8 deg c in one hr
    Guyra – minus 1.1

    BATHHURST 3am 17th July 2015

    by alby_14′




    PLenty of photos and info here
    “Mr Blackheath Weather, a happy chappy today, perhaps best fall since 1984”


    thanks to ‘mizzi’

    A list of some towns affected and mentioned on the forum
    Orange.. last good fall 1991
    meadow flat
    OBERON https://www.flickr.com/photos/133104245@N06/19576668308/
    Blackheath 25cm of snow
    Wentworth falls
    Bullaburah 2cm of snow at 775 ASL
    Little hartley
    Tenterfield. Snow.. ! Minus 4 at night and atop of 1 deg c on the 17th July.
    Bowral .. best since 2004
    snow flakes Hornsby heights and Normanhurst
    Near Mittagong https://www.flickr.com/photos/98608084@N05/19732377576/
    near Cowra
    Avalon said
    “Did anyone hear remember that today is the 50 year anniversary of the huge 1965 event?”
    Roads closed glen inees to armidale 48 schools closed
    ‘rain’ said 7:42 am 17th July 2015
    Even in Sydney it is cold.
    Currently it’s wet, cloudy, windy and 6 in Sydney
    The apparent temperature at Obs Hill and Mascot AP are just below zero
    Pretty rare – in fact I can’t remember it for many years … the app temperature fell to -2 one afternoon in 1984

    ‘perrywinkle’ “Reprts on 702 ABC radio sleety stuff along the northern beaches”
    ‘northwesterly’ “Temperature dropped to 4.5’c at Kenthurst this morning around 200m ASL with floaty rain (what looked like sleet) now in Windsor and can see snow on Mt Tomah from Windsor.”
    ‘peter Konecke’
    “Live traffic reports that the Hume Highway at Berrima is queued for 10klms in both directions and that there are several trucks broken down due to frozen brakes.”
    ‘alby_14’ “some photos of the snow on their canola crop near Cowra (they are about 20 minutes south towards Booroowa). Crazy stuff.”


    Read on
    Snap of the cold pool and mid level low arriving
    and a n/west infeed jetstream infeding some moisture there
    on the 16th July

    Orion “Just had a call from my daughter who lives in Mandurama, between Blayney and Cowra. It has been heavily snowing their tonight. They are about 650 metres, have lost power and the kids have had the mandatory snow ball fight in the pj’s. If it is snowing like that there, I would hate to see what it is going to be like in places like Orange and Bathurst and places north of there in the tablelands as this system moves north. This will be a big media story tomorrow with such snow in so many places tonight”

    Took a drive from Leura to Mt Vic at sundown this arvo just to let it all sink in again. From the W edge of Katoomba through to Mt Vic it’s just amazing how much snow is still on the ground. Blackheath station was still completely covered in snow. A peek down any back street is still filled with cars buried in 20cm’s of snow and roof’s decked with enormous swathes of white.

    Truly an incredible event this one. One that will be spoken of for years to come, and go down in local folklore as the great snow day of the 17th of July 2015.

  8. 1965.. Snow at Muswellbrok first in 93 yrs

    thanks to Ruth Meyer forposting this on her face

    “A memorable day 50 years ago.
    On a Sunday morning, 18th July 1965, exactly 50 years ago today, snow fell at Mt Sugarloaf near Newcastle and in other parts of the Hunter region that rarely receive snow. The attached article describes the rare snowfall at Muswellbrook. The photo, scanned from a slide taken by a teacher at the school at that time, shows the snow lying in the grounds of the Muswellbrook High School and covering the roofs of the buildings.”

  9. 12th August 2015
    Snow at Bathhurst and Orange and Katoomba

    Thanks to ‘Alby_14’ for the photo

    ‘orangeroughy’ from you guessed it Orange
    “Good pic alb! Here on the northside of Orange it started to snow in quite still conditions around 9.30am and continued for abt 45mins; initially fairly thick with moderate to large flakes, then thinning. A slight cover on the grass melting now.”
    ‘Aslaws’from Katoomba
    “Nice snow here for about 20 minutes. Huge flakes at times and really coming down. 1.8c now. Brief settling. Waiting for the next band.”


    Snow dusts the top of Mount Ainslie in Canberra’s inner north.

    ‘albef’ from
    “Snowing in Hampton, NSW , snow settled over the ground, Changing between sleet and snow.”

  10. August 2015

    Meanwhile, up at the Tassie skifield of Mt Mawson, near Hobart, they’ve finally dug the ski lift out!


    Snowing in Canberra August 2015

    “At 1pm it was a delightful 2 degrees at Canberra’s official weather station at the airport and a little warmer in the city. Given the right combination of atmospheric conditions (wind, humidity etc), snow can fall at temperatures up to about 4 degrees, but it’s unlikely to settle unless it’s a little or colder or the snow is extremely heavy.”

    Picture of snow in Canberra August 2015 temp’3.3 deg c

    BLAYNEY 12th August 2hrs north of Canberra
    “Meanwhile, here’s a pic earlier of settled snow today in Blayney, about two hours north of Canberra. This is the fifth snowfall on the NSW Central Tablelands in five weeks, in what has been one of the coldest prolonged winter spells recorded in much of southern NSW and Victoria.

    680 mettres in FADDEN

  11. When does it snow in Canberra


    1949, July, 10cm or 25cm (sources vary)
    1965, August, 2-5cm
    1987, October, 2-5cm
    2000, May, 2-3cm

    6 gallery photos from this link
    Example from the 1965 event
    The intersection of Northbourne Ave and London Circuit, August, 1965

    “Canberra is at an elevation of 600 metres”…

    “But how often does it snow?

    Mr Carson said not much in the last decade or so, but prior to that it was reasonably regular.

    “We used to get two snow events every winter recorded in Canberra – not necessarily the place blanketed in snow, but some snow falling from the sky,” he said.

    “When we go back though the records, we probably see a decent snowfall where all of Canberra is covered every 15 years.”

    The most memorable falls came in the 1940s, ’60s and ’80s, and in May 28, 2000.

    Mr Carson remembered the most-recent date well, as a rugby league clash at Bruce Stadium was played in a winter wonderland while Canberra was dusted with snow.”

  12. I got what you mean , appreciate it for posting .Woh I am happy to find this website through google. “Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against not with the wind.” by Hamilton Mabie.

  13. Alternatively, you could go to a homebrewers forum and ask if anyone local is growing. If so, you could just take a cutting of their roots and stick them in your yard.

  14. The quality of your entry as a reflection of your thinking is impressive, and sheds light on several aspects of this subjects I wasn’t aware of. More research can be done on this, and perhaps later I can add more to your thinking.

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