Frost and ice days in the CET series

TIME SERIES analysis of frost and ice data from the ENGLAND CET data set
No surprise the trend has been down . Some hope for an increase with a massive anomolous event in 2000. Maybe signs of a swing to more frosts and ice in coming years for ENGLAND?
“The noticeable thing from the bottom graph is the linear trend on the total number of frost days in a year has reduced from around 52 a year in 1878, to only 35 days in 2014.”


One comment on “Frost and ice days in the CET series


    Another very low number of air frosts this year in Central England [2015-16].

    So far, since the 1st of October 2015, there have been only 9 air frosts in the Daily Central England Temperature [CET] series. On average by this time of year there should have been 28 air frosts, so we are far below the long-term average. The 2015-16 season will not break the record of the super mild 2013-14 season though, because there were only 7 air frosts in that season. By this time [February 11] in 1888 (the record highest season), there had been 61 air frosts in comparison.”

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