UK …Rainfall cycles

Good news.. XMETMAN says
“I though I would display the daily totals as a 365 running total in an effort to try to identify any trends or cycles that may be lurking in the unseen data, and lo and behold there they are!”

Awesome work XMETMAN.. I will use this graphical data for sure. You are a legend!

rainfall cycles in the UK


2 comments on “UK …Rainfall cycles

  1. About a 4 – 5yr peak to peak cycle there . Nice to see the climate shift jolt in 1976
    and something around 2001

    Also of interest is the erratic change in rhythm ( 10 yr) either side of the 1976 climate regime shift

    where the symmetric beat becomes less defined and more chaotic. Bifurcation theory suggests a period of chaos when moving from one rhythm /regime to another

    Notice the new regime post 1986 has a higher amplitude and longer cycle length. The new regime rhythm became established about 1990

    I have seen this in other climate graphs. In particular the SH/NH global temp time series comes to mind.You can see A regime shift between the NH and SH .BI POLAR TEMP, CYCLE..and the order chaos order transition
    when was sth hemisphere hotter than nth hem since 1979

    when was sth hemisphere hotter than nth hem since 1979

    I would like to correlate this UK rainfall graph with ENSO and maybe schwabe cycle

    The likely cause of the regime shift is a number of cyclic variables moving in and out of phase.

    Important to link solar system dynamics to the 1976 climate shift .

    What changes occurred in solar system dynamics from 1962-1988 when bifurcation was possibly underway.

    order > chaos > order..

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