Low level snow Australia

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Records of past and present low altitude snow events below 600m , as l come across them


TASMANIA 1st August 2014

An extreme cold pool with thickness down to ~524 brought low level snow to Tasmania

Waratah at 600m

posted by’snowies’
“Most of the roads affected are in the west, generally 600m asl and above. Reports of slushy snow on the road at the Fern Tree Tavern (450m)”
waratah snow 60m 1st august 2014
about Waratah in the Nth of Tasmania,_Tasmania
Some snow reported at

Collinsvale (350m) near Hobart

Discussed here
Gallery of pictures from the Mercury newspaper of the wild and wet weather

“The snow-capped Wellington Range, as seen from the banks of the Huon River, at Franklin. Picture: Kim Eiszele”
1st August 2014
snow on mt wellington

31st JULY and 1st AUGUST 2014

Thanks to KEN KATO for the sat pic’mage and here is where the event is discussed
“Today’s satellite imagery from NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites looked truly spectacular”
sat pic 1st August 2014

“Nice 1cm snow cover here this morning. Down to -1 earlier now it’s -0.4C
…Just had another 20 mins of heavy wind blown snow, the temp dipped back below zero.
This is the coldest day I’ve seen here in the 11 years that I’ve been coming up to the mountain.
next day
“A Facebook friend just posted a pic of nice snow at or near Portland . It looks good .
We still have a full cover after a very cold night (-2.4C) it still below zero now. I’ve not seen it like this for years. It has been less than 1C for 40 hours now.
A fantastic event for us here, for a change !
3rd Aug 2014
“Still snow on the ground here this morning. A severe frost as well. It’s -3.4C”
4th August 2014
“Still snow on the ground here, if we keep getting frosts it will sit there in the shade for days.
-2C this morning and -6 again at Trentham.”
I’ve got pics on Facebook it’s Chris Williams Mt Macedon”.. by ‘avalan’

“It also seems that Portland (NSW) indeed had some of the better clouds come over. smile Reports of 3 – 4 cm in parts” by ‘davem’
aussiestormfreak’ says”I’ve heard reports on Facebook of snowfalls in

Lorne and in the Otway Ranges

tempest’ says…”My brother texted to me a photo he has just taken above

Lorne – 250m above sea level blanket of snow on the ground!”

“Snowing heavily and settling here in


“.. says ‘newbury1’
Excellent photos and video from Ballarat here
St Patricks college Ballarat
snow ballarat august 2014
My neighbour told me snow was reported in Inverloch?
Report from Katoomba
by ‘IPEX’
“Very fortunate to be in Katoomba over the weekend and experience quite a good snowfall during dinner at the Savoy in Katoomba St on Friday night. About halfway through the meal there was a sudden murmur of delight and excitement in the restaurant, and I looked up and saw it was snowing outside. Quite a few people (myself included) went outside to experience the flakes close up. It eased up within a few minutes but settled well on the cars in that short time.

Then 30-40 minutes later (wasn’t really watching the clock) it started snowing again – this time much harder and for longer. We were leaving the restaurant at this time and walking up to the Carrington, and were quite impressed with the downdrafts and amount of snow falling. This time, it was sticking to the ground and on plants, not just cars, and for a time, it was quite blizzard-like, with the trees in Carrington Park bending and swaying in the wind and snow blowing everywhere. smile Lots of snow on the ground the next morning (Hinkler Park on Warialda/Katoomba Street had impress snow-drifts – for some reason, there seemed to be more snow there than anywhere else) and patches of snow persisted in the shade all through Saturday. On Saturday night, there was still snow in the backyard at the B&B we were staying in!

QUEENSTOWN in the sth island..For this event

A report from DaveM
“Out of interest, I saw photos of this latest event for Queenstown and a number of cm’s of snow all over the main street etc.
Fair effort at about 140 odd metres elevation!!


18 comments on “Low level snow Australia

  1. 10th August 2014
    Cold front sweeps through the south

    Source Weatherzone Sun 10 Aug 2014

    A cold front crossed Tasmania and Victoria overnight, bringing strong winds, heavy showers and low-level snow. In Tasmania snow fell to around 100 metres above sea level early on Sunday morning as the very cold airmass moved over the Apple Isle.

    Those in Hobart awoke to a dusting of snow on Mt Wellington. The usual wind magnets gusted over 100km/h with the passage of the front including Cape Grim (113km/h), Scotts Peak Dam (104km/h) and Maatsuyker Island (100km/h). A band of cloud associated with the front brought widespread showers with the highest falls in the west of the state.
    Cradle Valley had the biggest total with 33mm making it’s way to the gauge. The airmass generally dried out further east and Hobart didn’t record any rainfall at all. Across the Bass Strait the front brought similar conditions to Victoria. Winds reached 100km/h in exposed parts including Wilsons Promontory (109km/h) and Hogan Island (104km/h). The heaviest rainfalls were in eastern outskirts of Melbourne where up to 16mm fell. Melbourne itself picked up just 2mm. On Sunday the cold front will continue its march across the southeast as it moves through New South Wales, reaching Sydney during the evening. Strong blustery winds,showers and low-level snow will continue for Tasmania and Victoria as the airmass cools down even more. – Weatherzone © Weatherzone 2014

    “Ron Harris’s memories went back to late July of 1951 when the hills were last blanketed with snow…

    “Looking over the snow-covered fields towards the Uraidla Hospital at Summertown in 1951. This photo was taken at midnight. The dark circle in the top right of the shot was caused by a full moon. – ABC licensed”

    snow 1951 adelaide hills

    Ron recalled an initial snow fall of around 15cm that gradually melted in the following three days. ..
    The bitterness of the 1950s

    Ron cannot remember the exact temperature the night the snow fell, but memories of the bitterness of the days that followed remain.

    In the days before the likes of central heating or insulation, the solo wood stove in the Harris’s kitchen became a popular place to be around.

    “It was so bitterly cold we just had to rug ourselves up.”

    Ron’s father drove the local bus to Adelaide each day.

    “He said the road was just like glass, the bus was sliding everywhere and they had to just crawl down Greenhill Road.”

    © ABC 2014 ”

  3. TARRALEAH TASMANIA (630m ) …AUGUST 10th 2014

    tarraleah tasmania snow 10th august 2014
    The former Hydro town of Tarraleah, on the road to the West Coast, has been blanketed by snow. Pictures: TARRALEAH LODGE
    ” Tarraleah Golf Club president Hedley Clark said he did a quick measurement of the snow on the green this morning and found seven inches resting by the clubhouse.

    “If there was a slope, you could almost be skiing,” he said of the Central Highlands town.
    It’s the third time snow has settled on the ground at Tarraleah this winter, creating a spectacular landscape.
    But Mr Clark, who first worked for the Tarraleah Golf Club in 1968, said even this heavy fall was nothing compared with the covering the region received about 30 years ago.

    “We used to get over a foot of snow,” he said.

    More snow is expected to fall on Tarraleah again tonight.

  4. The snow mentioned above was in Queenstown, Tasmania. I can’t readily locate the photos but they should be searchable. Tasmania will have snow at this elevation once every couple of years ( but they will mostly be very isolated and coastal and usually away from population centres ). A widespread snow line to 300m elevation which includes the hillier suburbs of Hobart will usually occur at least once a year.

  5. Thanks for your input MATT. Yes. I have googled and found a reportfor 11th Aug 2014

    “Tasmania Police say that all roads above 200 metres today will be affected and are likely to be dangerous in parts – particularly on the North-West, western, Central Plateau, midlands, East Coast, the upper Derwent Valley and South-Eastern districts…
    •Lyell Highway closed between Wayatinah and Mount Arrowsmith (from Queenstown/Lake Burbury). (re-assess 8am 11/8)
    •Cradle Mountain Road, Dove Lake to Ranger Station is closed due to snow.
    •Pinnacle Road, Mt Wellington is closed at the Springs.

  6. SEPTEMBER 2nd Northern Tablelandsin NSW

    Report from ‘snow gypsy’
    “The following is a report in The Guyra Argus regarding snow falls over the Northern Tablelands:

    “It may have been the start of Spring this week but someone forgot to tell the weather gods.
    After a mild start to the week, we were plunged back into winter just a day later when a cold front passed through the Northern Tablelands on Tuesday afternoon.
    The change arrived with strong gusty winds and several showers of soft hail (sometimes referred to as sago snow) during the afternoon and evening.
    In the early hours of Wednesday September 3 there were light snow showers with a patchy cover on the ground at sunrise, which melted soon after 9am.
    There were reports of light coverage on the ground at Ben Lomond and Black Mountain. Light snow fell in the afternoon at Ebor with a heavier fall around 8 – to 9pm.
    Heavier falls were reported further south at Bendemeer, Nundle and Hanging Rock where 7-8cm fell.
    Falls were also reported in the Blue Mountains and there were reports of up to 20cm in the Barrington Tops.
    The snow comes after a drier than normal winter that ended on a positive note with rainfall totalling 79.0 mm. All of the falls came in the second half of the month.”

  7. THE GUYRA ARGUS notes the first snow for season on May 5th 2014
    First snow Barrington Tops winter 2014

    Barrington tops is

    *NSW Barrington Tops Snow*

    A large dump of snow fell overnight into the morning of the 4th of May at…

    4:37 PM – 4 May 2014

  8. 28th OCTOBER 2014

    “Snow is down to 600m on Mt Wellington, winds over 80km/h have lashed the CBD while showers and rain continue to bathe the city.

    TasPorts confirmed a cruise ship bound for Hobart decided to change its course on Sunday because of the bad weather forecast for today.
    But don’t start packing away the winter woollies yet – snow is again forecast down to 600m on Saturday.

    A cold front, which moved over Hobart early today, brought heavy rain and overnight snowfall was recorded at 600m above sea level.

    The city reached a maximum temperature of 12.5C — four degrees below average.

    At Maatsuyker Island, off Tasmania’s south coast, gusts of 131km/h were recorded.

  9. SNOW EVENT..10th to the 13th August 2005

    Extract from Lauriers site
    “SE AUS: Polar outbreak brings widespread snow

    A cold front that swept into southeastern AUS on Tuesday 9 August presaged the most intense polar outbreak in decades for much of VIC and TAS. Snow was widespread in both states and southern NSW, with falls to sea level in VIC unprecendented in recent history, and many places reporting their first snow since 1986 or 1951. While falls were generally light, they were variable and a number of locations received enough snow to cause damage and dislocation. The strength of the outbreak prolonged the period of extreme cold. Many locations in VIC experienced their coldest August day on record on Wednesday 10 August and the cold airmass did not vacate the continent until Saturday 13 August.

    read on here

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