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JULY 2014

Residents of the cities of Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk, located in Russia’s eastern Ural region, were taken aback when it suddenly started snowing in the middle of summer on Saturday
Local media reported snowdrifts along roads, adding that the temperature dropped from over 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to almost zero on Saturday.

Love the photos here

hail russia july 2014
More reports here
Agreat before and after pic’here

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One comment on “RUSSIA

  1. Some observations from a Russian poster on weatherzone

    Some heat records broken with 133 yrs of data there
    Maxim_you’ says
    “Yesterday( 12th July 2014) in the territory of the central Siberia there was a powerful carrying out of hot air from Average of Asia.
    Daily allowance and monthly records of heat was as a result broken.

    In Novosibirsk temperature rose to +36,4C. It is an absolute maximum of July and all year for 133 years of supervision
    In Tomsk temperature rose to +35,9C. It is an absolute record of July in 66 years of supervision.

    Also daily maxima to Kemerovo (+35,6C), in Barnaul (+36,9C), Novokuznetsk (+35,7C) and in Chemale (+36,7) were beaten”.

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