Global temperature anomaly 2014-2015

Earth Has Its Warmest May on Record Globally

Two of the leading centers that track global surface temperatures have reported their data for May, and they both found it to be the warmest such month on record for the planet. NASA found that May had an average global temperature that was 1.38 degrees Fahrenheit above average, which would make it the warmest such month, coming out far ahead of May 2012. The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s separate analysis also found both May and the meteorological spring months of March through May to be the warmest on record.

global temp series

May featured several noteworthy heat waves. Searing heat gripped a large part of Asia during the middle to end of the month, with all-time monthly record-high temperatures hitting Japan, China and Mongolia. According to Weather Underground, Beijing “shattered” its May monthly record with a reading of 106 degrees Fahrenheit on May 30, beating the previous record by six degrees, and came close to its all-time high temperature record for any month.

Warmer than average temperatures also predominated during May across Australia, Europe and the western U.S.


2 comments on “Global temperature anomaly 2014-2015

  1. Warwick Hughes has published an article on the Global anomalies and suggests we should take the NOAA results as suspicious

    A double scorcher: June joins May with heat record

    NOAA claim that May and June 2014 were hottest ever for our globe

    Warwick says
    “Of course NOAA is quoting weather station data assembled by the GHCN latest effort where most sites are in urban heat islands and then they impose zillions of blithering warming adjustments to increase the warming.
    So let’s see what the satellites say for the lower troposphere – two systems – RSS and UAH.


    24th July 2014 Gloabltemp graph RSS


    Warwick says
    “Bad luck NOAA – both satellite systems – RSS and UAH agree there were previous hotter Mays and Junes and even the May-June 2014 combo does not fly in 2010 and 1998.
    I know what data I would have more confidence in.
    I will be interested to hear what other global groups say about 2014 May-June – CRU – GISS – CAMS –

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