Winter has arrived South Australia 2014

Let me introduce you to Mark Dawson from South Australia.
Check out his current winter reports and awesome documentary of recent snow on the ranges in South Australia
snow in South australia july 2014

Wild Atmospheres

It’s been a fairly average couple of months in South Australia. Fogs have been very prevalent, not so much frosts this year, and this is perhaps due to the higher than average temps being experienced. It has however been a very wet year so far in my home town of Clare, bucking a trend of pretty average rain throughout South Australia. It is really quite remarkable how through an area no more than 5km wide, we, almost every event have been receiving more rainfall than the entire mid north, and at times the Adelaide Hills which is unusual for this time of year. Near 450mm for this year as I type this entry, with at least an inch to come this week puts us up there with some of our wettest years on record, yet the year has been in terms of weather has been remarkably benign. We just keep…

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