Following REN

Not sure of REN’s proper name. But REN loves following the Upper Stratosphere on a daily basis and his enthusiasm is contagious

So here are some of the Indices/variables he follows with fervour

REN is a regular contributor on Tallbloke,12.63,318,12.63,318,12.63,318,2.44,482
Us see circulation in the lower stratosphere.,3.43,482

Changes in temperature will be a derivative of changes in circulation and the temperature in the lower stratosphere, especially at the poles.

This is evidenced by a record increase in ice around Antarctica.
Such the records can not be coincidence. Look since 2008.

You can also see that the changes in the magnetic field of the sun began in 2001. It had been so for over 11 years.

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2 comments on “Following REN

  1. I’ll sort REN’s links out in order one day when l am not sooo busy

    Look at stratospheric temperature anomalies and everything is clear.

    Ice starts to brake, because occur weak inhibition in the stratosphere.,-50.35,419
    For blocking (polar vortex) occurs exactly in the southern magnetic pole. See declination. There is the highest ionization by GCR (during the winter).

  2. July 24, 2014
    The increase of cosmic radiation at the South Pole by more than 5%. Apparent increase in the ionization of ozone in the region of the magnetic south pole.

    ren says:

    July 24, 2014 at 7:06 am

    Clearly the Gulf Stream turns south.,42.85,962

    Currently, it is the strongest absorption of solar radiation in the north.

    Jeatstream the Pacific.,-2.69,365
    Ocean temperature anomalies.,-2.69,365

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