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Came across this wonderful www site called


Looks like a wonderful collection or archives on flooding from all over the world

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Including the latest flood news

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floods alberta june 2014

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  1. IAN Wilson says:

    June 26, 2014 at 12:21 am

    H.C. Russel data set was only half the length of the current data set and it is much less accurate than the instrumental data of the 20th century. He had no way of differentiating between 18.6 and 19 years.

    With a much long data set (with higher quality data in recent years) it is now evident that the 18.6 year periodicity is the one supported by the data.

    The dates of major floods in the Brisbane River Valley compared to predicted 18.6 year cycle starting in 1825.

    __________________Date of________Date of

    1825____________= 1825.0__________1825
    ________________= 1843.6 – 3 years__1841
    1825 + (1 x 18.6)__= 1843.6__________1844
    1825 + (2 x 18.6)__= 1862.2__________1863
    1825 + (4 x 18.6)__= 1899.4__________1898
    1825 + (7 x 18.6)__= 1955.2__________1955
    ________________= 1973.8 – 3 years__1971
    1825 + (8 x 18.6)__= 1973.8__________1974
    1825 + (9 x 18.6)__= 1992.4__________1991
    1825 + (10 x 18.6)_= 2011.0__________2011

    [N.B. The above table does not account for all of the floods in the Brisbane Valley.
    _____There are are at least two other parallel 18.6 year cycles – shifted by sub-multiples
    _____of 18.6 years.]

    If the period used for prediction was the 19.0 year Metonic period then 1974 floods in this sequence [working forward from 1825.0] should have occurred in 1977.

    1825.0 + (8 x 18.6)__= 1973.8
    1825.0 + (8 x 19.0)__= 1977.0

  2. Thanks to ‘teckert’
    Anyone interested in historical SA flooding events really should get a copy of the book ‘Floods in South Australia 1836-2005’
    You can still purchase it directly:

    The events above are well documented as well as many, many others, plus has lists of all references to the events in the papers at the time, so no need to search, you just go directly to that page on trove or in the state library.

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