pictures of CLOUDS


Here is a picture of the balloon of Christ the redeemer made by ‘sports bet’ for promo’ of the Brazil world soccer.
Here the balloon is rising just above some cloud cover the sky line of Melbourne.

My comments on the picture

Jesus the redeemer ballon in clouds over melbourne

Picture source

This picture is for real and was taken by
Heli serve over Melbourne June 2014

By weathercycles Posted in CLOUDS

19 comments on “pictures of CLOUDS

    David Dan%iels @OzoneVibe · Jul 13

    @Netweather RT @mydmac: Cyclone in west oz. Amazing
    Australian Dust Storm Photos Suggest Fearsome ‘Red Wave’ Off Continent’s Western Coast
    The Huffington Post | By Ryan Grenoble Posted: 01/11/2013

    An intense dust storm in Western Australia led to the creation of a “red wave” off the coast of Onslow Wednesday evening.

    Officials with the country’s Bureau of Meteorology told the Newcastle Herald the “red wave” spectacle was caused by a combination of wind and rain that kicked up rust-colored sand and dust into the air and forced the cloud of debris out to sea.
    ” A very cool picture thanks for sharing, it was taken early in 2013 during Cyclone Narelle

    MORE!!! spectacular images from that Guardian link

    dust storm cyclone narelle 2013

  2. Very Nice ken
    26th July 2014 Near Brisbane
    “I took these photos this morning of a rare combination of the following optical effects: a circumzenithal arc (basically looks like part of an upside down rainbow), what looks like a 46 degree halo below that, and part of a 22 degree halo below that one (barely visible in one of the pics)… and to top it all off, crepuscular rays caused by the sun being low in the sky and casting shadows from the cumulus clouds onto the sheet of cirrostratus above ”
    26th july 2014

    GOD is GOOD!!


    3rd November 2014

    Fallstreak Hole: Photographers capture rare cloud formation in Victoria’s east (AUSTRALIA)

    Victorians have been treated to what appears to be a rare cloud formation known as a Fallstreak Hole.

    The formation was spotted in the Gippsland area, in the state’s east, about 1:00pm on Monday.

    The Fallstreak Hole, or hole punch cloud, occurs when part of a cloud’s water droplets freeze into ice crystals and fall below the cloud layer, according to the Cloud Appreciation Society.

  4. 6th May 2015 during cold event from westerly belt in southern Tasmania

    posted by ‘paysense’ on weather zone forum
    “Looking towards Mt Owen, Queenstown. Which has yet to show itself today. Thought this cloud formation was strange looking.”

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