Cycles within the 1,000-2000yr range..Dansgaard-Oeschger, BOND, Heinreich events

dansgaard oeschgwer events time series

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Explaining? abrupt climate change
Tallbloke has a lively forum going on this as well

The focus is mainly discussion on

Dansgaard-Oeschger events that occurred every 1–2kyr.

(cycles around the 1400-2000 yr) but there is also discussion of other cycle lengths

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

 . . . suggesting that Dansgaard-Oeschger events resulted from a combination of the effects of sea ice and ice shelves—structures that help define the margins of ice sheets—to account for both the rapid and the slower parts of the cycle.

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4 comments on “Cycles within the 1,000-2000yr range..Dansgaard-Oeschger, BOND, Heinreich events

  1. Ian Wilson has some contribution here from his research blog



    D-O warm events are abrupt increases in temperature to near-inter-glacial conditions that occurred during the last Ice-Age. These temperature increases occurred in a matter of decades and they were quickly followed by a period of gradual cooling.

    The D-O events are discrete events paced by a regular cycle of 1470 years.

    § The five most recent events, arguably the best dated, have a standard deviation of only 32 years (2 %) about a 1470 year spacing.

    § This level of precision points to the orbital cycle explanation.

    § The 1,832 Lunar tidal cycle proposed by Keeling and Whorf (1998) cannot be reconciled with the 1,470 year spacing found in the Greenland ice-core data.

    Bond Events and the next D-O/Bond Event should begin about 2150 A.D.!

    bond events

  2. A thousand year cycle
    identified by Salvatore Del Prete

    “Using the identity, cos(u)*cos(v)=(cos(u-v)+cos(u+v))/2
    The Leif Svalgaard model can be changed into an interacting additive model.
    The frequencies 10.92533 and 10.69707 reproduce the results of the Leif Svalgaard model exactly because of the identity relationship.”

    salvatore 1000 yr cycle

    Salvatore’s photobucket

    discussion here
    “But now change one of these fundamental frequencies slightly and the model produces a completely different pattern. If 10.69707 is changed by just 1 % to 10.80405 the model morphs into a completely different shape. The planets drive these basic frequencies through modulation.”

    add and multiply model

    “To maintain the manifestation of the longer frequencies with the summation model requires certainty “

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