Special Climate Statement 49 – an exceptionally prolonged autumn warm spell over much of Australia

source link ..BOM

8th -26th may 2014

“An exceptionally prolonged warm spell affected large parts of Australia during May 2014. The unusual warmth was concentrated in the southeast of the continent, with areas affected including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart.

“2.2 Long spells of consecutive warm days and nights

The length of the warm spell was its most significant feature in a historical context. Forty of the 112 ACORN-SAT (long-term temperature reference) stations in Australia, including most of those in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, set records

“. Twenty-five of the 112 ACORN-SAT locations set records for high late-season maximum temperatures. At some locations, particularly in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, the temperatures observed on 26 May occurred at least two weeks later than any previous occurrences of such values. 24.1 °C was observed at Campania on 15 May, the highest maximum temperature so late in the season for any Tasmania site. This was followed by a similar record for Victoria, with 27.4 °C at Ouyen on 26 May. Also on 26 May, Birdsville reached 34.7 °C,

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3 comments on “Special Climate Statement 49 – an exceptionally prolonged autumn warm spell over much of Australia

  1. when are warmer days than usual on some place -> emphasize, exaggerate… then when colder days than normal arrive – keep silent and go to another subject, OR look for another place on the planet where is warmer than normal

    the truth: always some place / places is warmer than normal – but ”SIMULTANEOUSLY” other places is colder than normal – otherwise the winds would have stopped permanently:

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