Australian snow historical records

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snow _ web cams Australian ski field
web cam snap Australian ski field before ski season

Excellent link here
Lots of time series data on Australian snow



16 comments on “Australian snow historical records

  1. Thanks to ‘Unstable from weatherzone forum’ They have a wonderfully researched post on historical records of snow in South Australia

    They have some 10 pages of discussion there currently

    1901 EPIC SNOWFALL Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July continued

    Now here’s an article I (unstable’)corrected on Trove, published in The Advertiser on Monday 29th July 1901.

    The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931) Monday 29 July 1901 Page 6.

  2. ‘Rigger’ posts on the GUYRA thread at weatherzone some awesome pictures of the snow event
    “Gents, here are a couple of pics of the

    June 1977 snowfall at Black Mountain/Guyra

    . From memory it was around the 29th or 30th of the month and was quite heavy with drifts in the paddocks and almost powder like quality. Lower down the Tablelands at Armidale it snowed but didn’t settle.”
    Here is one of the photos he posts

    snow guyra NSW 1977
    ‘peterB’ fromarmidale says
    “According to my records there was snow in Armidale on 30th June and 1st July 1977”

  3. Historical snow records for


    some commentary from ‘yep’
    I” have always lived close to Hobart’s seafront and observe snow flakes falling at sealevel every few years during winter/spring, but almost always as sleet and after dark.

    In 2011 there was a brief sleety mix near midnight one night and I think this was my last such observation, in 2009 there was a 10 minute snowfall just after teatime but not settling.

    The last time snow fell during the day was in August 2005 but I remember many such events during the 1990s – especially 1990-1992 era.

    Yes Hobart’s Big Snow Day was in the year 1986 ( July 24-25 ), the last time snow settled in Hobart at sealevel. 8cm and the second deepest fall of the 20th century. I think prior to this, light snow settled in 1979 and there were a dozen or so other such incidences throughout last century but deeper disruptive falls in 1951 and 1921.

    The 28 year absence of snow is probably the biggest snow drought Hobart has seen but of course the hillier suburbs will almost always have a snow day every year, but even those events are on the decline.”

    HOBART 1986

    tasman bridege snow 1986

    ON the morning of July 25, 1986, southern Tasmania was greeted by white gold as snow fell down to sea level.
    Snowfalls of 8cm were recorded in the morning
    Dr Pook said the snow day was a rare event that resulted after air came up from Antarctica and passed over Tasmania
    1986 snow tasmania
    july 1986 snow south tasmania

    Then and now pictures of Tasmania ( not snow related though)

  4. JULY 2014 NSW tablelands
    So far on Friday, snow was reported at Woolbrook,Walcha, Guyra, Hanging Rock and Ben Lomond with a sprinkling west of Armidale.

    Report from PETERB from above link
    “This morning was the first time in many years I have taken the readings at the Armidale BoM weather station with snowflakes actually falling on me!
    Unfortunately the snow showers during the morning were too brief to settle on the ground in the middle of town. Apparently some snow settled at the university.
    The last official settling fall of snow in Armidale was on 9th July 2008.”
    Blackheath Weather ‏@BlackheathWx · 11h
    From high on the Oberon Plateau this morning, about 1300M ASL: “@newtsAndy: 10cm, -3c”
    snow oberon plateau 17th July 2014

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