IAN WILSON..Astro-climate connections

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IAN WILSON has all the ‘meat’ to fulfil your curiosity
ian wilson
This man is a genius .
Take this guy seriously

planets and gravity on the sunplanets affect on the sun
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IAN WILSON’s research

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2011-2012-2013 were very good years for Ian Wilson. Award wining stuff here!!
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6 comments on “IAN WILSON..Astro-climate connections

  1. Ian WILSON has a new publication
    “Wilson (2013) showed that there are at least two
    ways that the Jovian and Terrestrial planets can
    influence bulk motions in the convective layers
    of the Sun.”..
    The first
    is via the VEJ tidal-torquing process..
    The second way
    is via modulation of the VEJ
    tidal-torquing process via the gear effect:

    Ian demonstrates how our planets affect the convective layer and activity of our sun

    He describes a number of key cycles and planetary forces

    Also noticed OLD BREW from Tallbloke has a blog posted a comment and linked to his own blog with some calculations

  2. IAN WILSON has a publication in
    Pattern Recognition in Physics

    An Open Access Journal

    The Venus–Earth–Jupiter spin–orbit coupling model
    I. R. G. Wilson
    The Liverpool Plains Daytime Astronomy Centre, Gunnedah, Australia

    Abstract. A Venus–Earth–Jupiter spin–orbit coupling model is constructed from a combination of the Venus–Earth–Jupiter tidal-torquing model and the gear effect. The new model produces net tangential torques that act upon the outer convective layers of the Sun with periodicities that match many of the long-term cycles that are found in the 10Be and 14C proxy records of solar activity.

    Citation: Wilson, I. R. G.: The Venus–Earth–Jupiter spin–orbit coupling model, Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 147-158, doi:10.5194/prp-1-147-2013, 2013.

  3. THE MOON and its strong connection to El Nino events
    -Perigean spring tides reoccur roughly once every 206
    -The 8.85 year Cycle of Lunar Perigee
    -1.0 Full Moon Cycle = 411.78 days = 1.1274 tropical years
    -The 20.293 Perigee-Syzygy Cycle
    – the 20.293 year Perigee-Syzygy cycle
    will realign with the seasons after 62 yrs
    What are the Implications for the Triggering of
    El Nino Events?

    Go to Ians blog to read on

  4. continued from above
    My comments to Ian on Tallbloke being discussed here

    Ian . I am up to part 2 of your summary and have noted the following alignment with your epochs
    quote from Ian
    A detailed investigation of the precise
    alignments between the lunar synodic [lunar phase] cycle
    and the 31/62 year Perigee-Syzygy cycle, over the time
    period considered, shows that it naturally breaks-up
    into six 31 year epochs each of which has a distinctly
    different tidal property”…

    Your epochs
    Epoch 2 – 15th April 1870 to 18th April 1901
    Epoch 3 – 8th April 1901 to 20th April 1932
    Epoch 4 – 20th April 1932 to 23rd April 1963
    Epoch 5 – 23rd April 1963 to 25th April 1994
    Epoch 6 – 25th April 1994 to 27th April 2025
    are ~aligned with the JUpiter /saturn beat of 60.9 yr as pe rTom Mangos calculations he gave me

    and aligns with Jupiter saturn beat + 0-2yrs during this time period

    Jupiter/saturn beat 60.9 yr ( source tom mango)

    peak 1872 .. ( 2 yrs into epoch 2)
    trough 1902 ( 1 yr into epoch 3 )
    peak 1933 ( 1 yr into epoch 4 )
    trough 1963 ( right on time)
    peak 1994 ( right on time)

    more comments to IAN WILSON
    Ian says
    “Figure 6 shows that in epoch 2, the strongest tidal events
    between April and November are full moons, while those
    between December and March are new moons. In addition,
    it turns out that almost all of these strong tidal events (both
    new and full moon) occur in the southern hemisphere.

    The pattern that is seen in the seasonal peak tidal events
    in epoch 2 (i.e. in figure 6) are also repeated in epochs 4
    and 6.”
    weathercycles says
    your Epoch 2, 4 and 6 are located in the descending peak to trough phases of the J_S 60.9yr beat

    This also coincided with the cooling phases of the AMO but this link could be coincidental as the J_ S 60.9 yr beat shifts in realtion the the AMO/globaltemp ~ 66 yr cycle

    1914 to 1996 were one 179 yr cycle of J_S

    I relation to Ians 31 yr epochs and pattern of moon phases
    I commented
    “I find it interesting that DECEMBER and APRIL are key change over periods ( new/full moon marked by your blue and red ink on the circle graph)in your EPOCH mapping

    December is often the peak of an ENSO event and l think April/May is the predictability marker for forecasts?
    I have some SOI /ENSO graphs that show in fact December and APRIL /MAY are key months for what l termed decision making months. A point at which a bi modal switch goes either SOI POS or NEG. I will try to dig those up for you

  5. Ian continues to publish enthralling information about the moon and the Earths climate

    Evidence that Strong El Nino Events are Triggered by the Moon – IV
    IV. The triggering mechanism for El Niños: The alignment of the lunar line-of-apse with the equinoxes and Solstices of the Earth’s orbit.

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