IPO…Inter-decadal Pacific Oscillation

The IPO is a leading mode of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) seen mostly in the Pacific Ocean.

This interpretation of IPO by LONG PADDOCK

IPO time series by Long paddock


“The interdecadal Pacific oscillation (IPO or ID) displays similar sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea-level pressure (SLP) patterns, with a cycle of 15–30 years, but affects both the north and south Pacific. In the tropical Pacific, maximum SST anomalies are found away from the equator. This is quite different from the quasi-decadal oscillation (QDO) with a period of 8-to-12 years and maximum SST anomalies straddling the equator, thus resembling the ENSO.”

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3 comments on “IPO…Inter-decadal Pacific Oscillation

  1. ‘Paul Vaughan’ has constructed an IPO time series

    source: found this here

    I have taken one of Pauls graphs which overlays the polar amplitude cycle( related to the Chandler wobble) with the IPO .
    I have marked in the inflection points of the ~66yr global temperature cycle. There are some common markers but no direct correlation.
    IPO vs Polar motion amplitude and global temp

    The general trend though is

    If Polar amplitude decreases the global temperature is in a cooling trend (1879-1910 ) Good correlation
    1910-1944 an upward trends in global temps and an upward trend in polar amplitude

    1940 -1950. This correlation continues but is broken at 1953 when Polar amplitude increased but global temp continued in a downward trend until 1975

    In 1960 there was a clear change of phase in the IPO and polar amplitude which evident still at 2000

    1960 was the peak of the ~100 yr solar amplitude which is in a dowmward phase from 1960-approx 2019

    So as Paul has said
    A mystery why the IPO and Polar amplitude went out of phase from the 1960 onwards ( after solar amplitude max)

    Maybe this accounts for some of the 50 yr climate terrestrial cycles observed? Not sure here but put it up on the shelf for further analysis

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