Rainy March 2014. MANILLA ..NSW Australia

Love this guys work. Home grown research. Highly detailed research for MANILLA New South Wales Australia
also known as “surly bond’



climate by surly

The daily weather logWeather log March 2014.

Three weeks of normal March weather were followed by six days that were cool, humid, overcast and rainy. While the wettest day had only 26.4 mm, the 14 rain days would be a record for March, but for the 16 rain days in March 1894. (Manilla never had a month with more rain days than June 1950, which had 18.)

 Comparing March monthsClimate March 2014

Towering cumulus cloud. Shower on the Tablelands

 Unlike recent arid months, March was near normal in day-time temperature, humidity and cloudiness. Nights were very warm, however .

The total rainfall of 101.6 mm is almost twice the March average of 53 mm, and in the 85th percentile. March has been wetter in nineteen years, including 2001 (103 mm) and 2007 (114 mm). Taking rainfall totals for more than one month, the greatest shortages are not serious (i.e. not below the 10th percentile). The twelve-month total (469…

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  1. SURLY BONDS report on



    Nice summary here

    “In autumn seasons from 1999, this was equal warmest with 2007, but nights (11.8°) were by far the warmest, 1.3° above normal. The mean daily temperature range, at 14.1°, was the narrowest, and the percentage of cloudy days (48%) the highest. All these point to a more moist (maritime) climate than does the rainfall or the dew point.”

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