IPCC Dud Rainfall Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin

IPCC Dud Rainfall Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin

Lots of analysis and graphs to ‘get your teeth into’

rainfall anomlaies in the Murray Darling  Basin


The IPCC’s recently released 5th Assessment Report (AR5) dedicated Chapter 25 to impacts of climate change on Australasia. There was wide media reporting of these impacts, including that of decreasing rainfall- more droughts and floods. The relevant part of Chapter 25 outlines eight regional key risks, including:

For some impacts, severity depends on changes in climate variables that span a particularly large range, even for a given global temperature change. The most severe changes would present major challenges if realized:

……. significant reduction in agricultural production in the Murray-Darling Basin and far south-eastern and south-western Australia if scenarios of severe drying are realised; more efficient water use, allocation and trading would increase the resilience of systems in the near term but cannot prevent significant reductions in agricultural production and severe consequences for ecosystems and some rural communities at the dry end of the projected changes.

Section 25.2, Observed and Projected…

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One comment on “IPCC Dud Rainfall Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin

  1. I’m waiting for the first naturalist to alert to the need for the Koorong (sorry my spell) to get saltier to allow species “n” to breed following the rain that has nearly washed the lakes sandbar to Tassie…..

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