Fraud Is The New Normal For “Top” Australian Climate Scientists

STEVE GODDARD contends with Australian Climate scientists. He is so ‘gobsmacked’ he claims they are fraudulent..!!
Here Mr Goddard posts some news clippings extracted from TROVE of extreme heat events from days gone by in Australia

Real Science

Global warming caused record Australian heatwave, top scientists conclude

Here’s something that will raise the temperature of the global warming debate even further. Australian scientists have concluded that the island continent’s heatwave last year only broke records because of man-made climate change


As usual, the scientists have no clue what they are talking about, and the sole purpose of their research is to keep their funding from drying up.

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2 comments on “Fraud Is The New Normal For “Top” Australian Climate Scientists

    But the scientists, at the university’s ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science – who worked from nine global models of the climate – are unabashed. “Comparing climate model simulations with and without human factors” they concluded “shows that the record hot Australian summer of 2012/13 was about five times as likely as a result of human-induced influence on climate, and that the record hot calendar year of 2013 would have been virtually impossible without human contributions of heat-trapping gases.”

    This, they added, illustrates “that some extreme events are becoming much more likely due to climate change” and they warned that such extraordinarily hot summers would “become even more frequent” as global warming increased. Already Australia is seen as the developed country most vulnerable to the effects of the climate change.

    The WMO was so impressed with the study that it gave it special emphasis in its annual report on world weather and climate, published on Monday. And it’s Secretary-General, Michel Jarraud, went out of his way to stress that “many of the extreme events of 2013 were consistent with what we would expect as a result of human-induced climate change.”

    read on for more .. Every weather event is AGW related

  2. Australian Commonwealth MP George Christensen makes speech critical of Bureau of Meteorology adjusting temperature records

    The speech is packed into 5 minutes and is on YouTube.
    The media has the story too – Nationals MP George Christensen calls for weather bureau inquiry –
    An inquiry here – an inquiry there – who knows one day the BoM might be nailed down to give some real answers.
    Nationals MP George Christensen

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