Possible cyclone for Darwin area. Late April 2014

Today ( 22nd April 2014) ACCESS has a tropical low formed well north of Darwin ( 130 E 5s)
On Thursday the 24th this storm shifts a little south toward Darwin vicinity and hangs around up there for 3 or 4 days. That should give them a decent drenching
ACCESS G has this low/TC still close to Darwin as late as T +150hrs on tonight’s forecast

ACCESS monsoon trough 23rd April 2014

News article from weatherzone on this event


2 comments on “Possible cyclone for Darwin area. Late April 2014

  1. The next name for a TC in BOM land is KATE . (How uncanny that the duchess of Cambridge. Kate .. is here in Australia)

    You can follow this event here

    BOM report .extract
    A weak Tropical Low, 1008 hPa, is located in the northern Arafura Sea to the
    north of the region. The low is expected to remain weak while moving slowly
    southwestwards towards the Timor Sea, entering the Northern Region later this

  2. News report from weatherzone
    Extract April 2014
    The latest rain brings Normanton’s wet season rainfall total (October to April) up to 860mm, which is right on average for the last 13 years.

    The wet season has been a good one elsewhere in northern Queensland, particularly over the western Peninsula.

    Kowanyama Airport has seen over 2.2 metres of rain during the wet season, almost double the long term average and the wettest in over 100 years of records. More than half of this rain fell during the wettest February on record, while Tropical Cyclone Gillian provided a good amount in March.

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