arctic ice time series

source : Climate change blog by ACCU WEATHER

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    a REPORT BY xmetman
    “Both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extents are down on the same day in 2014. Arctic extents are currently 3.37% lower and Antarctic 2.91% than on the 6th April 2014. The Arctic maximum occurred on February 22nd the earliest time this has happened since 1996, mainly due to an exceedingly warm March over the Arctic Ocean. The current Arctic extent is at 14.06 million square kilometers the lowest for April 6th since the satellite records began in 1979, this doesn’t bode well for the summer minimum, which could shrink to less than the previous lowest year, 2012 when it bottomed out and 3.34 million square kilometers.”

  2. A report from XMETMAN
    click on the graph to load a larger graph that you can read.
    the graph is from 1990 -2016 and is a 365 day rolling average
    Based on this statistical method
    The Artic has a downward trend and the antartic has an upward trend

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