Australian Climate and weather publications..Past and present

A place to put links to past and present research and discuss any research or journal article published in Australia
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Here is my first on this topic

federation meteorology logo

weather balloon BOM

Just love the background image of this home web page!!

Background image: The first weather map issued by the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Age, 2 January 1902.

Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, August 2001


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  1. Australian science directory logo




    Federation and Meteorology is an online resource drawing on the rich and authoritative historical resources of the Bureau of Meteorology, publishing on the Web for the first time major articles that have been difficult to access. The project was generously funded by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation, based on the observation that the emergence of Australian meteorology as a science parallels closely the story of Federation and was both influenced by and contributed to the ambition of nationhood.

    The project unlocks the rich and evocative story of meteorology in Australia and provides broad public access via the Web to more than 600,000 words of text and 300 images. More than one hundred new biographical entries were added to the Bright Sparcs and Australian Science at Work databases, integrated with and complementing the online resource, and 15 existing Bright Sparcs entries were upgraded.

    Development of these pages was made possible through the project, Federation and Meteorology, supported by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation.

  2. A 1954 study on rainfall patterns in South Australia
    Extract from abstract
    “A detailed analysis of the rainfall of Adelaide has established that periodic changes occur in the incidence and duration of the winter rains. These changes have a period and amplitude of approximately 23 years and 30 days respectively, and superimposed on them is a long-term trend which is manifested by protraction of the latter half of the season, spring rains now occurring about 3 weeks later than they did just over 100 years ago.

    Title: On the Secular Variations of Rainfall at Adelaide
    Authors: Cornish, E. A.
    Journal: Australian Journal of Physics, vol. 7, p.334
    Bibliographic Code: 1954AuJPh…7..334C…7..334C/0000334.000.html

    rainfall adelaide time series

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