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proof of AGW comic




  1. Crickey – your approach to only dealing with (now/rea/shared/availablel) data to form an opinion on whether CAGW is fact or fiction is to be commended. I believe that time (and I reckon it will only take 3-6 years from now) will prove you to be a “vindicated skeptic”.

    Keep up the interesting research you do, I love it.


  2. Not sure about that time frame before the IPCC,BOM,CSIRO etc will concede.

    Apparently every weather event, anomaly, climate map, records , indicates that AGW is well and alive.
    I think they( warmists) will continue with the heat is in the western pacific ocean for many decades to come.

    I think though that if the Arctic ice starts growing and cold fronts and decent snow returns to Australia and cold records exceed hot records. The excuses may become a little whitewashed.

    Put it this way petros. I don’t think l will live to see the AGW movement ‘eat their hat’
    Thanks for your input and support

  3. Hey..Where has warwick Hughes web site gone. I get intercepted by Telstra.
    Even can’t link through wikopedia.
    Has he been deleted?

    The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

    was launched in May 2006 with the aim of “refuting what it believes are unfounded claims about anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.”[1] The domain name for the group was registered by Terry Dunleavy on April 24, 2006.[2]

    Warwick Hughes, a New Zealand earth scientist living in Perth, who conducts a comprehensive website:

    Founding Members

    The initiating press release made these claims for the founding members[1]:

    Dr Vincent Gray, of Wellington, an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), most recently a visiting scholar at the Beijing Climate Centre in China.

    Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen, of Christchurch, geologist/paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant, former director GRAINZ (Geoscience Research and Investigations New Zealand).

    Prof. August H. Auer, of Auckland, past professor of atmospheric science, University of Wyoming; previously chief meteorologist, Meteorological Service (MetService) of New Zealand.

    Professor Bob Carter, a New Zealander, now at the Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia. ( NO.. I think the warmists there sacked him)?

    Warwick Hughes, a New Zealand earth scientist living in Perth, who conducts a comprehensive website:

    Roger Dewhurst, of Katikati, consulting environmental geologist and hydrogeologist

    Mr Owen McShane, of Kaiwaka, director of the Centre for Resource Management Studies, who is convenor of the establishment committee.

  4. An article published by Rod lamberts of the Australian University in the pro AGW blog
    ” The conservation”

    Here ROD makes you feel like an imbecile if you are sceptical of AGW..
    I hate bullying!!
    Secondly ROD admits that the past plans of presenting science to the community has made the public sceptical..

    He contends the answer is to call in the advertising psychologists and use their ” tactics’ to sell AGW

    Hmmmmm.. wonder if they will offer 4c off a litre of petrol to inlist as an AGW believer

    Jokes aside..
    Read Rods advice to AGW propaganda leaders as to how to sway the crowds

    Disclosure Statement

    Rod Lamberts has received funding from the ARC linkage program

    Australian National University Provides funding as a Member of The Conversation.

    I do believe the science ROD.. The science of climate cycles.
    The current hypothetical theories of first generation computer climate models has me doubting as the hockey stick temp increase is at the bottom of the threshold range for AGW and be explained by applying the De Vries cycle ( 200 yr)
    we now enter a cooling trend for many decades

  5. The 50,000-strong American body of physicists, the American Physical Society (APS), seems to be turning significantly sceptical on climate alarmism.

    First, a sub-committee has looked at the recent 5th Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and formulated scores of critical questions about the weak links in the IPCC’s methods and findings. In effect, it’s a non-cosy audit of the IPCC’s claims on which the global campaign against CO2 is based.

    Second, the sub-committee, after ‘consulting broadly’, appointed a panel to workshop the questions and then provide input to the new official statement on climate. The appointed panel of six, amazingly, includes three eminent sceptic scientists: Richard Lindzen, John Christy, and Judith Curry. The other three members comprise long-time IPCC stalwart Ben Santer (who, in 1996, drafted, in suspicious circumstances, the original IPCC mantra about a “discernible” influence of manmade CO2 on climate), an IPCC lead author and modeler William Collins, and atmospheric physicist Isaac Held.

    NEWS posted on Tallbloke

  6. Have a laugh at this one

    3 Places to Visit Before it’s Too Late

    Note some of the outrageous claims here.
    Have a holiday here before these destinations disappear..
    Getting the tourism industry to promote alarmist AGW? or the tourism industry capitalising on alarmist propaganda?


    Check out 3 of the world’s must-see destinations before it’s too late.

    Dead Sea has shrunk by a third of its size in the last 40 years and is sinking at a rate of 13 inches per year.

    Sadly, the Maldives are effectively sinking, as sea levels continue to rise due to climate change. The stunning coral islands and reefs could become completely submerged, leaving this surfing and diving paradise to be nothing but a glimmer in history. Fly into Male Airport before you miss your chance to experience one of our planet’s most beautiful areas.

    Great Barrier Reef

    Tropical North Queensland’s very own wonder of the world is in danger of disappearing in the next few decades due to a rise in ocean temperatures and water acidity. This could leave the majority of the huge coral ecosystem bleached and lifeless.

    Suggesting these changes will occure in your lifetime…Blagh!

  7. Oh My..
    How did this article get published in’the conversation blog’

    If you are confused whether the icy cold events in the eastern USA are AGW related
    This guy.,.CLIFF MASS challenges the claims being made by warmists and skeptics alike

    READ his anlaysis of this event in relation to AGW or in fact Global cooling
    He provides the facts using some time series graphs

    and the original blog article

    probably worth a bookmark

    He discusses the misinformation from all,. govts.. AGW and coolies

    I particularly liked this one though

    There have been NO EXTREME WEATHER EVENT TRENDS in the North America record 1911-2013..( LOL)
    Just to illustrate that extremes are not increasing in the US, NOAA maintains a Climate Extreme Index (CEI) that includes many parameters. Here is a plot of that index for winter for the last century for North America.
    No trend.
    ( in 100 yrs of data)

    extreme index NOAA USA

    Hmmm. The green line shows a cyclic pattern

  8. Thought l would post these links
    Obtained them from blogger KALIBUR who posted on “Tallbloke wordpress”
    Hmmm..something l will have to get up to date on
    What is this UN AGENDA 21?
    quote from ‘Kalibur’
    Graham Williamson’s detailed documents revealing UN Agenda 21 being implemented stealthily across Australia are available here:

    quote from

    “UN Agenda 21 includes unfounded climate alarm fabricated and pushed by the UN to cede national governance and sovereignty over energy, resource use, property rights, finances, transport and mobility. It’s our greatest threat to individual freedom. A second component is UN ‘Biodiversity’ stealing private property rights. The third component is UN ‘Sustainability’ regulating and restricting people, energy, resources, finances and property. These three prongs are underway in Australia, America and other nations. As Americans awaken, their states are now banning UN Agenda 21.”…

    sounds quite profound!!??

    population control

    Looks like a lobby group who ‘smells a rat’ in the AGW machine in Australia
    Are we surprised!?

    So much to much .. Climate and weather studies..

    Have a look yourself and see what you think

  9. AwwwH Geee . An AGW sceptical scientist still employed in an Australian University.
    Don’t they get bullied and get the sack for insubordination..!! ??

    Dr Jennifer Marohasy
    Adjunct Research Fellow
    Central Queensland University

    Watch out JENNY.. The AGW drones will hunt you into oblivion..

    I give it one year before your writing on your blog.. ” I am instructed ..Be silent or pack your bags.!”

    Lets see..

  10. Haven’t quite worked out where Clive Palmer leader of the PUP political party in Australia stands on climate change. Is he an AGW skeptic or not?

    “But while he’s ( Palmer) against direction action, Mr Palmer said PUP would support a national inquiry on climate change.”

    A National inquiry.. ? Now that could be interesting
    I thought there was consensus on the science. LOL

    See more at:

    “Auctions for businesses to win carbon abatement funding will commence later this year and will occur every three months.Environment Minister Greg Hunt meanwhile has also said the government is committed to the agreed five per cent emissions reduction target going forward.At the core of the policy is the $2.5 billion emissions reduction fund which the Government says will pay industry for activities that reduce carbon emissions.The fund is slated to begin on July 1 with a budget of $300 million, growing to $500-million and then $750-million over three years – After reading the introduction to the Direct Action climate policy of the liberals .I am left feeling unsure of the Liberal Govts’ position on climate change
    I am sure l read that Tony Abbott was an AGW skeptic
    this news article outlines the Liberal govt position
    Direct action policy to tackle climate change.
    Obviously the liberal governments official position is to support the AGW theory
    I wonder if this is a political strategy to secure a voting base? Rather than a commitment to the CSIRO/BOM position

  12. Australia may slash funds spent on climate science & overheated climate modelling
    “The Australian Climate Change Science Program’s four-year funding of $31.6 million, mostly to the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, duplicates work by those and other agencies and “should be returned to the budget or allocated to priority areas”, the commission said in its report.

    Read more:

    has a stab’ at is Professor Joseph Reser of Griffith University, and his latest psychological survey on AGW
    “The 2011 survey was funded not only by the late Department of Climate Change et al, but also by the Australian Red Cross. Thus your Red Cross donations, which you imagine help feed starving Somalis, may be funding academics to labor over mental health impacts in Australia of less than a degree of warming in the past 100 years.

    [climate scientists falsely assume greenhouse gases act as true blackbodies],

    ” Physicist Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille’s paper(s) show the assumption that greenhouse gases and other non-blackbody materials follow the blackbody laws of Kirchhoff, Planck, and Stefan-Boltzmann is incorrect, that the laws and constants of Planck and Boltzmann are not universal and widely vary by material or different gases. Dr. Robitaille demonstrates CO2 and water vapor act in the opposite manner of actual blackbodies

  15. David Little has published a nice news article criticising the AGW movement for their constant rant that that every severe weather event is caused by AGW

    David quotes a recent rant from a politician at a climate conference in Sacramento California
    quote Senator Jerry Brown
    “California is at the “epicenter” of global climate change”

    Get that..LOL ..THe epicentre of global climate change….epicentre…LOL

    I think l will turn this thread into a laugh a day thread

    further quote from David
    “Here’s the problem I have with the global warming boogeyman: It gets blamed for everything. Only now it’s called climate change, because it needs to encompass more than just hot weather.

    Summer heat waves? Climate change. Tornadoes in the Midwest and heretofore mostly untouched places like the north valley? Climate change. Last winter’s polar vortex? Climate change. Our current drought? Climate change? Floods in other parts of the country? Climate change.

    And if torrential rains come next winter, courtesy of El Niño? That will be blamed on climate change too.

    It’s one heck of a scapegoat, an explanation for anything unpredictable

    Davids’ very good article is found here

    Thanks top Warwick Hughes for the link

  16. The Australian reports – Earth scientists split on climate change statement

    AUSTRALIA’S peak body of earth scientists has declared itself unable to publish a position statement on climate change due to the deep divisions within its membership on the issue.

    After more than five years of debate and two false starts, Geological Society of Australia president Laurie Hutton said a statement on climate change was too difficult to achieve.

  17. Flashback 1997 – Scientists Forecast Permanent El Ninos.
    “Now we see papers predicting permanent La Nina domination…with periodic super El Ninos. But the models in the CMIP5 archive still can’t simulate basic processes in the tropical Pacific, like Bjerknes feedback, so all predictions are meaningless.”

    Back in 1997, the BBC reported:

    Scientists are warning that global warming could make the El Nino a permanent feature of the world’s weather system.

  18. Oh DEAR !! Some insightful persons in the public have some questions to ask the BOM/CSIRO .. Requests to minister and please explain.. and the AUSTRALIAN Newspaper publishes.
    Gee,.. THe CONVERSATION blog would NEVER post such a complaint, would they.

    The heat is on. Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ — The Australian

    ” One of the most extreme examples is a thermometer station in Amberley, Queensland where a cooling trend in minima of 1C per century has been homogenized and become a warming trend of 2.5C per century. This is a station at an airforce base that has no recorded move since 1941, nor had a change in instrumentation. ”



  19. New peer reviewed paper finds that New Zealand warms at only 0.28°C per century compared to Govt NIWA trend of 0.91

    Good to see this new paper –
    A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand – by C. R. de Freitas & M. O. Dedekind & B. E. Brill.
    Warwick says
    “Also great to see them use the Fig 3 twin diagram ex NASA GISS – that I have been drawing attention to for years as absolutely vital.’

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