This is an on-going observation of southern cold fronts over the Australian mainland for 2014..
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cold front diagram

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25 comments on “COLD FRONTS … AUSTRALIA 2014

  1. Massive cold front March 2014.. VIC..SA..NSW..QLD.. TAS.. NZ
    the windstream pattern is humongous effecting the eastern half of Australia ( SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, Tasmania )and New Zealand
    Arriving from the depths of the southern ocean

    cold front Australia 2014

    I suspect the jetstreams are ramping up into a meridonal wavy pattern

    ACCESS downgraded this event. The cold front did not bring snow to Tassie or the OZ mainland

    200hpa jet 16th March 2014 Australia

    The Jetstream is tending meridonal /wavy currently.
    Increases chances of severe weather,and range of temps( hot then cold )
    Importantly the sub polar jet is wavy/meridonal so it can bring cold air up from the southern ocean
    Where the sub tropical jet meets the sub polar jet. You can get severe storms like the NSW event today

    Here is the global 200 hPa ( stratosphere/ upper layer)
    You can see the jetstreaks
    the sub tropical and sub polar

    THe sub polar jet active is important for snow

    I think Tassie has 532 thickness later this week

  2. RESULTS FOR 16th March 2014
    Indicating a cold front dropping temperatures below the mean for March for the south eastern sector of Australia

    17th March 2014 cold front southern Australia


    Lowest temp for Mt wellington for the cold front 1.9 deg c overnight

    Hobart airport lowest temp’= 10.4 DEG C AT 2.30am overnight
    998.4 hpa = LOWEST mslp

    Melbourne airport 12.2 deg c 9.30pm on the 16th March 2014

    Ballarat 7.3 deg c on the 16th March 6.30am

    Mt Buller 0.7 deg c at 3.30pm 16th March with 2mm of precipitation. SLUSH

    Canberra 7.7 deg c 6.30am 17th /3

    Thredbo -0.1 deg c 7pm on the 16th /3 with likely 2mm of slushy precip

    Thredbo top station (1957m) ..had temps around zero for about 5hrs from the cold front 16th/17th March with 2mm of precip. Maybe some slush fell from the sky
    Gust of 137 km/hr with a westerly wind change


  3. A beauty cold front coming through currently in the south east quadrant. The alps recording 53cm ( half a metre in 24 hrs) at perisher weather station. More forecast

    Not bad considering the sub- polar jet is not to be seen

    Severe weather warnings for the south east . High winds from this system

    Falls creek table meter
    snow falls creek

  4. 23rd JUNE 2014
    Snowing in Adaminaby ( 1000m)
    Cabramurra at 1482m has been below zero for the past 24 hrs and likely 8cm of snow 23rd June 2014
    Mt Ginini (1760m)currently -4 deg and has been below zero for the past 30 hrs. Likely 18cm of snow .

  5. HIGH WINDS for this event
    100km/hr gust 1pm Melbourne airport and windy across the state
    MSLP 994 hpa at 10.30am
    Gradient winds 1km altitude
    high winds over VIC 24th june 2014

    SAM is currently positive atm.
    From what l have noted in the past, strong swings in either direction get a bit of wave action happening and there was a strong swing in the first fortnight of June from neg’ to pos’

    I also noted 3 strong lows in the SH antartic region earlier this week that may have to have played a role in some action of an expanded westerly belt
    Westerly belt has swollen since the first week of June as it should for winter
    and it must hold some nice cold air l assume. Here in this MSLP map VIC is being clipped by the westerly low pressure belt
    Sub tropical jet is very strong currently . THe sub polar jet starting to shows slight signs of strengthening in the sub polar region atm
    mslp 24th june 2014

  6. Record snow falls at perisher NSW for that last system being touted by the news?
    Tue 24/06/2014 -5.0 – -0.3 – 54.0 cm
    Wed 25/06/2014 -4.1 – 0 – 49.4cm

    201mm of precipitation so far this month of June 2014!!

    picture gallery
    An awesome cold front forecast for the end of June as seen on this MSLP
    Look at the length of that cold front

    26-29th june 2014 MSLP

  7. ACCESS has a low emerging south of south WA and traverses east across the Bight and Tasmania . The troughing is extensive and is extensive up into the QLD border
    The MSLP is expected as low as 980hpa south of Adelaide on Friday afternoon
    So this system has a decent V8 motor and should drive some strong s/westerlies well up into the eastern quadrant of Australia.
    Good snow falls for the alps once again Saturday and sunday (28-29th June 2014)
    As a side note .Notice the sub tropical low of the WA coast .

    cold front last wek of march forecast

  8. ACCESS indicating the extensive area of the cold pool over VIC, NSW, TASMANIA, SA AND STH QLD. ( 544 THICKNESS COLD POOL)
    for 2 days! Saturday 28th and Sunday 29thy June 2014

    The 532 line covers Tasmania on Sunday night

    cold front and snow 28-29th june 2014

  9. ACCESS has done an outstanding job forecasting this event 7 days out
    Ha.. Found an even better one. Here is ACCESS at T+168 hrs 168/24= 7 days!!) compared to the target date.
    This is some freaky match !!
    KUDOS to the developers !!
    T + 168 hrs
    17th july 2014 532 cold pool

    and today the target date
    17th july 532 thickness pool

    Interesting to see the warmer temps on the coastline in this 532 thickness pool.
    That 532 cold pool is forecast to be cut off over parts of VIC and NSW overnight…Any precip’ will bring snow overnight one would think
    Be interesting to check the obs for overnight

  10. Looking nice and chilly down south. The 532 thickness line is pushing in across Victoria and will push in to NSW tonight

    17thy july 2014 8pm sat pic'

    143 km /hr gust Maaksukyer island on the west coast of Tassie today
    Some strong gusts expected in the south east of OZ in the next 24 hrs

  11. 2nd AUGUST 2014

    Nice cold pool arriving. A decent rainband ahead of the cold front and good chances of low level snow for VICTORIA and south eastern NSW
    Should be a good event for the Alps and snow industry

    The event moves quite quickly commencing Thursday about 4pm 1st august and deepens into Friday with the 532 thickness line encompassing a broad area
    The temps should plummet quickly and the cold pool. is over the area for 24hrs and moves away by Friday evening.

    2nd august cold and snow event southeast NSW

  12. This could be the best so far of the season
    Friday evening the 1st August is the peak of this spectacular cold pool
    Parts of Tasmania down to 524 thickness!! Awesome ..
    532 thickness over a broad swathe of the South east
    544 up to the QLD border at 30 deg S

    1st August 2014 cold pool

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