Northern hemisphere Cyclones 2015 _2014

Thanks to..’steve’ from weatherzone forum for reminding me its time to start a post for this season

“The northern hemisphere system will be the 3rd tropical system for 2014 (for the NW Pacific Basin).
It is normal to see this happening during March.”

Thanks to ‘popeye’ from the same WZ thread for this excellent surface windstream capture !! of this TS in the NH on the 1st March 2014 and a twin over the border in the SH in the coral sea

NH and SH twins- tropical low windstreams  1st march 2014

Link to 2014 Typhoon thread:…aci#Post1245185



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11 comments on “Northern hemisphere Cyclones 2015 _2014

  1. Typhoon Neoguri has slammed into the Japanese mainland –
    Neoguri hit the mainland Thursday morning near Akune City on the southern main island of Kyushu, which is home to 13 million people and lies next to the country’s biggest island of Honshu where major cities including Tokyo and Osaka are located.The typhoon had crossed Kyushu by late morning and was forecast to make a landfall on Honshu by Friday.The storm’s ferocity slowed somewhat overnight, now packing gusts of up to 126 kilometres per hour as it moved east at 25 kilometres per hour. –
    extracted from
    See more at:

  2. CYCLONE BERTHA to affect Britain
    “The effects of Hurricane Bertha, which is crossing the Atlantic after hitting the Caribbean with gusts of more than 145kmh, would be felt on Saturday, …”
    .Hurricanes hit Great Britain only rarely — but the phenomenon is not unheard of. According to, the only tropical hurricane to cross land there was Hurricane Debbie, which crossed the far northwest of the British Isles in 1961.?”

  3. Haven’t really been keeping up to date but someone on wikopedia keeps tabs


    this was a nasty one.CYCLONE HUDHUD

    ATLANTIC hurricane season 2014

    GONZALO was the strongest

    Northern of equator Pacific typhoon season

    Vongfong (Ompong) October 2 – 14 Typhoon 215 km/h (130 mph) 900 hPa (26.58 inHg)

  4. Thanks to ‘steven’ for this info

    “Typhoon Nuri is becoming a threat to Tokyo NOV 4th 2014

    picture source

    Has started weakening as it moves into colder waters, yesterday it was Category 5 [910HPa].

    TY 1420 (NURI)
    Issued at 03:40 UTC, 4 November 2014
    Analyses at 04/03 UTC
    Scale Large
    Intensity Very Strong
    Center position N21°50′(21.8°) E135°05′(135.1°)
    Direction and speed of movement NNE 15km/h(9kt)
    Central pressure 925hPa
    Maximum wind speed near the center 50m/s(100kt)
    Maximum wind gust speed 70m/s(140kt)
    Area of 50kt winds or more E170km(90NM) W130km(70NM)
    Area of 30kt winds or more ALL560km(300NM”


    Ken Kato says
    “Today’s MODIS shot of TYPHOON HAGUPIT looks impressive with the pinhole eye. Also below was the 12z multi-model track and intensity spread:”

    Discussed on forum thread

    Steven posted
    “TY 1422 (HAGUPIT)
    Issued at 06:45 UTC, 4 December 2014
    Analyses at 04/06 UTC
    Scale –
    Intensity Violent
    Center position N10°25′(10.4°) E132°25′(132.4°)
    Direction and speed of movement WNW 30km/h(15kt)
    Central pressure 905hPa”

  6. 2015

    Some comments from ken kato a WZ re Super typhoon MAYSAK
    and some amazing satellite images

    1st April 2015 …SUPER TYPHOON MAYSUK

    “breathtaking pics looking into the eye of supertyphoon Maysak taken by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from the International Space Station today and yesterday.

    Amazing that the northern hemisphere winter’s only just finished… and this is the earliest start to the NW Pacific typhoon season on record (there’s already been two other typhoons in the region so far this year). I haven’t checked yet today but when I did yesterday, the JTWC were going for max wind gusts to peak over 350km/hr with the Cat 5 system:”

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