I will collect some articles on reported droughts on 2014
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11 comments on “DROUGHT 2014

  1. Obama turns attention to California drought–politics.html?.tsrc=lgwn

    California is in the midst of its worst drought in more than 100 years

    The White House has been closely watching the California drought, which follows a year of the lowest rainfall on record


    Meanwhile, snowpack levels in nearby Oregon on Friday were less than half of normal, and the drought index was still severe to moderate. Dozens of sites in Southern Oregon showed the

      lowest snowpack since the 1940s

    , when records were first kept.

    on the other side of the USA winter storms have raged

    Figure 3.

    Drought conditions in California in January 2014 were the most severe ever observed in January, dating back to 1895.

    Image credit: NOAA/NCDC.

    time series droughts of california
    Dry in the west
    January was a very dry month, ranking as the fifth driest January on record for the contiguous U.S., with eight states having a top-ten driest January.

    New Mexico had its driest January on record, with just 0.03″ of precipitation, averaged over the entire state.

    The 0.02″ of precipitation for Arizona ranked as their 2nd driest January on record.

    Drought conditions in California in January 2014 were the most severe ever observed in January, dating back to 1895. California had its driest 3rd driest January. It was the state’s driest December-January on record, with 0.94 inch of precipitation, 7.35 inches below average. The previous record dry December-January occurred in 1975/76, when the two-month precipitation total was 1.32 inches.

    The December-February period is typically the wettest three months for California, and is an important time for the state’s water resources. Winter precipitation is vital to replenish reservoirs and builds mountain snowpack that melts during the spring and summer. Last week’s “Pineapple Express” storm over Northern California helped reduce the area of California in extreme drought from 67% to 61%, but the drought situation remains dire.

  3. Record set to break with Mandurah left high and dry (a town in in Western Australia)

    and another report from

    Glenn Innes a town in NSW
    More rain still needed in much of NSW

    over the last last 6 months of rainfall Glen Innes rainfall has been the lowest on record, 280mm below the average for that period.

  4. Found some BOM definitions / Measures for the end of a drought

    From their glossary

    “Defining the end of a rainfall deficiency period of less than 12 months
    Defining the end of a period of rainfall deficiency is a difficult matter, and presents more problems than defining the start. However, the following definitions which were used in the days of hand-drawn analyses, still provide useful guidance as to whether there has been significant relief from a period of rainfall deficit. They are only applicable to periods of about 12 months or less, and great care in their interpretation is needed in those areas which have a distinct wet and dry season in the annual rainfall cycle. The criteria are:

    The rainfall of the past month already exceeds the 30th percentile for the three-month period commencing that month,


    Rainfall for the past three months is above the 70th percentile for that period.

    Drought declaration is the responsibility of State and Federal Governments which must consider other factors apart from rainfall, however the Bureau of Meteorology’s Drought Statement assists by providing rainfall information to all interested parties.


    According to BOM criteria. Will have to wait until February 2014 deciles are published .or the Dec/Jan/Feb. ( 3 monthly)

  5. Concerned about the accuracy of this claim
    “Queensland’s largest drought-declared area ever”
    quote:”that14 months ago these areas were devastated with floodwaters.!!!
    (NOTE:This headline appearing on many news sites not just weatherzone news)

    Firstly note that drought is declared by the Government of the day and not the BOM .

    I haven’t been able to find if the criteria for drought declaration by government depts’ has changed recently?

    The basis of this claim is that the number of ‘ shires’ that have been declared is a record????

    Here is the March 2014 drought declaration claiming maximum number of shires in drought
    drought declared areas qld march 2014

    this drought is Queensland’s most widespread on record, with almost 80 per cent of the state now drought-declared.

    Now shires have different shapes and sizes. So drought in the south east will increase the number of shires dramatically

    Now about the 80% of the state in drought claim
    Have a look at the rain anomalies for the past 12 months for QLD
    for march 2013 to 2014

    Now by area just eyeballing that. I would say 50% of the state with substantial anomalies for dry conditions’ !!!??

    qld rain anomaly march 2013 -2014


    I doubt whether the rainfall anomalies will be record drought

    but the government has chosen to include shires for the purpose of gaining maximum funding for the farmers through Federal support came to mind.

    That’s how l see this on the surface

    You only have to look at ‘long paddock’ past rainfall anomalies to se that this drought period is certainly not the worst..

    Now this is a drought

  6. ABC have done some research into the claims being made on the QLD drought 2013/2014

    ABC Fact Check investigates whether the current drought really is a “once-in-a-quarter-century” drought or even a “once-in-a-century” drought.

    FACT CHECK..How severe is the drought in Queensland and New South Wales?


    NOTE: The sources used to verify these claims of a record drought are ALL from BOM and the CSIRO, TRENBERTH and warmist sources

    No independent evaluation..

    There is a comment section at the bottom of the page. Log in and make a comment


    BBC now spreading lies about Queensland drought

    2001 Australian bureau of statistics Year Book


    1930's rain deficit australia
    C2.9 The distribution of annual rainfall over Australia in the period 1901 to 1999, by decade. Areas coloured green fall in the upper tercile (i.e. wet) for the decade concerned, while the brown areas fall in the lower tercile (dry).

    “This site started in 2002 in response to alarmist media reporting of the drought that Australia was then experiencing. All sorts of hyped up superlatives, “worst drought ever”, “worst drought in a hundred years” etc became commonly used for what was for most of the country, just another damned cyclic El Nino drought. The drought has been blamed on “greenhouse” and we have heard bushfire risk hyped in a similar, unscientific way.”

    Warwicks claims make you shift uncomfortably in your seat.
    Examined with ‘cutting’.. pun ..precision.

  9. Serious rainfall deficiencies for the south east of QLD and North east NSW
    “Rainfall averaged over this region (between Bundaberg and Coffs Harbour, and inland to Roma and St George) for the 12 months is the second-lowest on record, and the lowest since 1901–02.
    drought july 2013 -2014 south est qld _ NE  NSW

    Issued on 7 August 2014 by the National Climate Centre

    Rainfall deficiencies increase in Queensland and northeastern New South Wales

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