WEATHER .Have a laugh and a chuckle …….. 2014/2015



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(Having broken the Weather Zone forum rules by posting a related
Global warming AGW comment and banned for one 2014 I find myself having forum contribution withdrawals..LOL
So I thought l might start a tweet post where l can comment on anything related to Climate or Weather


16 comments on “WEATHER .Have a laugh and a chuckle …….. 2014/2015

  1. 15th feb 2014
    A rainband approaching Tweed heads NSW . Currently around Murwillumbah at 7pm
    wonder if it will make it to the coast. Ready to test if the old millard caravan leaks.. LOL

    Just a few stats as this band approaches
    15/05:30pm temp 26.2 dew point 22.5 Humidity 80% wind direction N
    28 wind speed km/hr 39km/hr gust MSLP 1003.7 –

    Love this place.. I would like to retire here

    Wind is northerly but rain band with embedded storms is arriving from the west. Due in about one hr l expect
    8.37pm and the first few drops arriving . THe band is fizzling as the rainband passes over the high ranges to our west and we are on the dryer leeward side. We are getting the dregs.
    Interesting learning about the climate here. Nothing better than first hand knowledge

  2. 16th Feb. 2014
    The National radar is showing a north west infeed moisture band heading toward the mid coast of NSW
    The coming days will be interesting.
    Current rainband nearest to us is heavier near Coffs harbor tonight

    16th feb 2014 sat pic Australia

    ‘Willie weather’
    not willing to give Tweed heads (qld /NSW coastal border)more than 5mm this week on any one day

  3. Oh Dear.
    News article from Victoria

    Bureau of Meteorology prepares to cop flak for failing to forecast Geelong storm

    rains in gelong feb 2014

    Interesting video news report on this from the link below

    54mm fell in one hour in geelong’ Delaying the footy..LOL
    No wonder BOM was criticized. If it fell anywhere else who would have cared
    The Bureau of Meteorology is bracing for criticism for not warning of a “super cell” storm that dumped 49 millimetres of rain in 20 minutes on Geelong late on Wednesday afternoon.

    But senior forecaster Scott Williams said there was little the bureau could have done differently to warn of the “intense” storm, given its radar settings and the storm’s “freakish” nature.

    He described the storm as like a “cold, tropical storm”, dumping three millimetres of rain a minute during the short burst.

    The storm hit Geelong at 5.15pm causing flash flooding – delaying the NAB Challenge match at Simonds Stadium between St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs – and caused evacuations at a basketball and netball centre, an aquatic centre and the Little Creatures brewery.

    The State Emergency Service had 68 calls for help in the Geelong area, mostly for flooding in homes through roofs and doors.

    The Miner’s Cottage, a provincial furniture store in the suburb of Newcomb, was one of the worst hit.

    Co-owner Peter Miner said he was shocked the veranda on his 1920s-era shopfront collapsed under the weight of the rain, bringing down the facade.

    Mr Williams said the thunderstorm developed quickly and well below its radar storm settings. These are set at between six and 10 kilometres into the earth’s atmosphere, where most storms develop, he said.

    Complicating the forecast was that the wind direction was also more like a northern hemisphere storm…….>>>??

    “What we would normally see when you have a thunderstorm, we didn’t really get,” Mr Williams said.

    “The wind shear in this case went in the opposite direction to normal, travelling in a south-west direction on the ground and a north-west direction at height.

    “In most thunderstorms it travels anti-clockwise and in this storm it was clockwise.

    “It was a very, very unusual wind shear.”

    He described the effect of the wind and “squat” height of the storm – between two and six kilometres tall – as like “throwing a bucket of water into the air and letting it fall from six kilometres”.

    Mr Williams said radar readings were taken at six-minute intervals and just a hint of the storm was seen at the very bottom of the radar settings. By the time the second reading came, the storm was already blasting Geelong.

    He said the bureau usually waited for two readings before issuing a warning, because conditions could peter out to nothing and it did not want to give false warnings.

    “Because it tracks six minutes apart we wait to see at least a second reading with the characteristics of a storm before we are confident about issuing a warning,” he said.

    “We were unable to give a warning because it developed in situ.

    “I lay awake thinking about it last night … I don’t think we could done it any differently.

    “Thunderstorms are tricky to diagnose even in a perfect situation.”

    He said the bureau – considered part of the emergency services – was under similar pressures to other services during the past four weeks of intense bushfires in Victoria. He said forecasters were working unusual shifts to provide more detailed analysis in fire zones, but he said that even without this pressure, he doubted the bureau could have predicted the storm given its unusual nature.

    “We will get stick for it,” he said.

    Mr Williams said the storm was short in duration and petered out at Queenscliff an hour later.

    He said the unusual nature of the storm would probably be investigated later.

    Melbourne will struggle to get to 20 degrees on Thursday.

    Mt Baw Baw Resort reports there is ice on cars but so far no snow flurries despite 49 millimetres of rain overnight.

    Read more:

  4. Came across this link on WZforum. thanks for posting ‘madmick’

    Really like this. Has everything you need. Nicely layed out front page

    Here is another good link posted by ‘TEECEE’ from WZ forum
    AIMS.. Marine Observations
    AIMS logo

  5. Letter from Professor IAN PLIMER.
    Wondered if this was a scam?

    Dear susan

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    Here’s what some of the contributors say about Climate Change: The Facts 2014:

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  6. Bureau of Meteorology plans a new Hazards, Warnings and Forecasting Division
    May 2014
    “STUNG by criticism for its “appalling” flawed forecasts, the weather bureau is to launch a real-time mobile application as part of an overhaul of its operations.

    The Bureau of Meteorology will also create a new Hazards, Warnings and Forecasting Division, while the mobile weather application will allow people to access up-to-date information on smartphones and tablets”

  7. I really liked this post by ‘Sin Voka’ of WZ forum. They are chatting on how exciting it is when a TC is running on the forums and how the F5 key ( refresh button)gets a bashing


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