CORAL SEA.. Ocean and Atmosphere Observations

coral sea map wikopedia

Famous for its unpredictability in predicting cyclone tracks


I will use the comment section of this post to record any observations of interest
Feel free to add information and comment
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3 comments on “CORAL SEA.. Ocean and Atmosphere Observations

  1. ACCESS is persisting with the chance of a well formed tropical low in the coral sea at 12 S 165E by this Sunday the 16th Feb. 2014
    T +126hrs
    The trough is evident tonight across 12s but as the days progress some cyclogenesis emerges up there. And from this map you can see the low has some good symmetry and is quite large in diameter by this Sunday the 16th Feb.
    Good watch for a possible cyclone in the coral sea next week

    coral sea wind streams 16th feb 2014 forecast

  2. Something cranking in the coral sea 27th feb 2014
    photo snapped from

    coral sea watervapor loop tropical storm 27th feb 2014

    I believe most models have this low migrating west toward the Northern east coastline
    ACCESS G has an approach to the north peninsula as a CAT 1/2 on the 5th March at this stage

    You can follow this event on weatherzone forum

      2013/2014 South Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season

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