Could be TC GILLIAN for North West Australia

ACCESS indicating cyclogenesis underway centred close to Wyndham in north west WA tonight
ACCESS suggesting likely CAT 1 with an initial transition down the coastline before heading inland which is clearly seen rotating on the national animated radar tonight
ACCESS has this twin but tiny circulation shifting westward to combine with likely TC Gillian in the coming days
This snap of the 1km winds tonight shows the developing tropical storm is within an elongated area of the monsoon trough. Note the small circulation near the Gulf of Carpentaria also on the monsoon trough
and note the decline in cross equatorial flow across the coral sea on this snap

tc gillian emerging 8th feb 2014
A cyclone watch has been issued with a track map

track map for possiblr TC Gillian in WA


8 comments on “Could be TC GILLIAN for North West Australia

  1. ABC report about Kununurra

    This backyard in Kununurra is flooded, after more than 500mm of rainfall in recent days. – ABC
    kunanara WA floodingkunanauuraflooding picture10th feb 2014

    Meanwhile, residents and growers are taking stock of the damage in Kununurra, after the town was flooded for several days.

    Residents took to kayaking down the streets, as falls of more than 300 millimetres in three days led to metre-deep waters in some parts of town.

    more from this link

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