Cyclone Fletcher near the gulf of Carpentaria 3rdFeb 2014

Here is a good news report from the ABC on this newly formed TC

some major points
Tropical Cyclone Fletcher is a category-one system and is about 140 kilometres east-north-east of Burketown.

picture from Metoffice l snapped today
Tc fletcher 3rd feb 2014

It is expected to cross the southern Gulf of Carpentaria coast north of Karumba, in Queensland, later today.
“It’s probably going to grind to a stand-still over either the Gulf country or somewhere over western Cape York Peninsula.”

Six people will be evacuated from two properties in the Gulf due to rising water levels.

Burke Shire CEO John Page says the system will bring with it more than 300 millimetres of rain.

He says two properties near the Northern Territory border will be evacuated this afternoon as a precautionary measure.

“With the system expected to come through tomorrow we are taking the precaution of getting these people out today rather then doing it tomorrow when the system is on us,” he said.

“The present indication is that we could get 300 to 400 millimetres of rain and that would cause havoc to the people at Bowthorn and Kingfisher.”

Note the two other areas of convection.
Ex TC Edna in the coral sea and another low on the NT/WA border looking quite good

Another news article indicating the area has already had over the average rainfall and some cattle stations will have to be evacuated


3 comments on “Cyclone Fletcher near the gulf of Carpentaria 3rdFeb 2014

  1. Weatherzone are hosting a forum thread on this TC here

    from BOM
    Details of Tropical Cyclone Fletcher at 1:00 pm EST [12:30 pm CST]:
    .Centre located near…… 17.1 degrees South 140.7 degrees East
    .Location accuracy…….. within 35 kilometres
    .Recent movement………. towards the east northeast at 19 kilometres per hour
    .Wind gusts near centre… 95 kilometres per hour
    .Severity category…….. 1
    .Central pressure……… 992 hectoPascals

  2. here is a snap of ex TC fletcher reforming near the Gulf of Carpentaria briefly on this forecast ..7th feb 2014
    I think the most noticeable highlight of this snap is that the strength of the cross equatorial flow appears to have weakened
    maybe the monsoon is taking a breather.
    Maybe less strength allows single systems to become more intense and there is is less competition for in-feed inflows
    interesting development

    tc fletcher 7th feb 2014

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