TC EDNA arrives off the central Queensland coast 1st Feb 2014

I think many were surprised to hear on the media that another cyclone had been named only a few days after TC Dylan dissolves . Central pressure has been reported by BOM at 992 hPa curently and is CAT 1.
Looking at ACCESS windstreams l was able to determine that this TC has evolved from one of many eddies forming along as very potent monsoon trough currently.
The snap below shows tonight , TC Edna the furthermost eddy in the coral sea near Queensland
and to the west over the OZ mainland is ex TC Dylan and a couple of extra eddies on land in play
Note the strong cross equatorial flopw from the N/west AND the strong south east trade winmd across the interior creating these multiple eddies

TC Edna on themonsoon trough1st feb 2013

  • Thanks to ‘synopig’from weatherzone forums for this excellent capture of the 2 eddies ex Dylan and newly formed TC Edna

    TC edna dylan duo
    forum thread on this cyclone


    3 comments on “TC EDNA arrives off the central Queensland coast 1st Feb 2014

    1. ACCESS has EDNA strengthening as it moves with the monsoon trough north for a few days and looks a CAT 1/2 by Wednesday the 5th Feb. 2014
      current longer term forecast from ACCESS G is for Edna to transition south /south west as a tropical low. The map below shows the wind fields affecting the mid QLD coast on wednesday
      You can see how EDNA will ‘fill up’,on moisture from the equatorial inflow before transitioning south
      The low becomes elongated as it persists toward the qld coast arriving near southeast coastal as a small but wet low

      5th feb extc edna

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