CANCELLED….CYCLONE alert for Queensland 17th Jan 2014 onward?

There is a strong possibility that 2 CAT 1 cyclones could be ‘in play’ around the 17th Jan 2014
TC DYLAN on the WA coastline and possible TC EDNA off the Queensland mid and northcoast in the coral sea

TCedna17th jan 2014 windstreams

The current frames of ACCESS animation show a south west movement toward the Queensland coast on the 17th Jan 2014 as EDNA intensifies toward a CAT 2
This is a long term ACCESS G forecast T +156 HRS currently but this is a ‘heads up for possible TC coastal landfall if a south west track were to continue

source link

Please use the official BOM cyclone warning pages


4 comments on “CANCELLED….CYCLONE alert for Queensland 17th Jan 2014 onward?

  1. THe cyclone in the coral sea is currently not likely to impact the east coast of Australia
    If it forms it will be called Dylan not EDNA as the low near Darwin did not reach cyclone intensity and became an intense low moving inland
    Well we were expecting 2 lows in play.Thought they would be 2 cyclones but will have to settle for one tropical storm inland WA and one cyclone forming in the coral sea.
    This is about as best we will get for a snap of the 2
    Here is a great snap showing the 2 lows in play
    17th Jan 2014
    17th jan 2014 2 lows on sat pic

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