Extreme cold and snow anomaly in parts of US …January and february 2014

It’s a semi-permanent circulation that’s typically at higher latitudes across the world, like at the North Pole,” says Bob Oravec, a forecaster with the National Weather Service. “But at the moment, the polar vortex is being pushed farther south into the US, transporting very cold air.”

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Ray Pass gets a chance to use his cross country skis on a street in

University City, St Louis

near his home on Sunday morning

snow anomalyst louis 7thjan 2013


Roads were treacherous across the region. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard upgraded the city’s travel emergency level to “red,” making it illegal for anyone to drive except for emergencies or to seek shelter. The city hasn’t issued such a travel warning since 1978.

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lots of pictures and news articles emerging from this significant event.
Some news reports speak about a polar vortex drifting further south than usual
IN THIS POST l will collect some information and news articles on this event and post in the coming days

A link to start
Chicago Record Low Temperature: City Hits -16 Mark To Kick Off Two Days Of Dangerous Cold


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