Cyclone threat for WA …last week of Dec 2013

ACCESS has identified a tropical low at 120E and 12 S just west of Darwin that will establish in to a likely CAT 1 cyclone of the coast of North west WA by Christmas day.

The circulation intensifies into the 26th and 27th as a high pressure cell off the WA coastline strengthens increasing the strength of the in-feed into the south west quadrant
ACCESS has strengthened the outlook for this cyclone in tonights forecast (* 22nd dec)

Suggesting the TC could be CAT 2 by the 27th/28th Dec with some travel down the WA coast but stilloff shore at this stage

Here is a snap of ACCESS forecast for the 28th DEC 2013 indicating a cyclone of about CAT 2 strength near the WA coastline

cyclone 28th dec 2013


9 comments on “Cyclone threat for WA …last week of Dec 2013

  1. The intense pressure drop of a cyclone nearing is evident from this graph of mean sea level pressure at port Hedland.
    30th dec 2013
    port hedland mslp 30th dec 2013


    Current BOM obs indicating BEDOUT ISLAND
    MSLP at 985hPa at 11am WST with highest gust on the island recorded so far of 137 km /hr at 11am WST

    At 8:00 am WST Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine, Category 3, was estimated to
    155 kilometres north of Port Hedland and
    280 kilometres northeast of Karratha and
    moving south southwest at 12 kilometres per hour towards the Pilbara coast.

    Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine will continue to intensify and is expected to
    cross the coast between Karratha and Port Hedland tonight.

    Gales with gusts to 110 kilometres per hour, together with heavy rainfall, are
    occurring between Bidyadanga and Whim Creek including Port Hedland and adjacent
    inland parts and should extend west to Karratha later this afternoon and
    possibly Onslow tonight.

    VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts in excess of 200 kilometres per hour are
    likely near the centre as the cyclone crosses the coast.

    DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts in excess of 130 kilometres per hour are expected
    to extend well inland on Monday night and Tuesday as the cyclone moves south.

    source link

  2. BOM obs’ for Cyclone Christine at 11 am WST

    Details of the Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine at 11:00 am WST:
    .Centre located near…… 19.1 degrees South 118.5 degrees East
    .Location accuracy…….. within 30 kilometres
    .Recent movement………. towards the south southwest at 12 kilometres per hour
    .Wind gusts near centre… 185 kilometres per hour and intensifying
    .Severity category…….. 3
    .Central pressure……… 965 hectoPascals


    cyclone christine path track

  3. News report from SKY NEWS
    Description of damage and expected path to inland communities as CAT 2 and 1

    Another report from weatherzone news

    Cyclone Christine tears through Wickham, in Western Australia’s Pilbara, lifting roofs and felling trees
    Tuesday December 31, 2013

    A short you tube of damage at wickham

    Issued at 0:02 am WST on Tuesday 31 December 2013
    Christine is crossing the coast between Whim Creek and Roebourne
    VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts to 170 kilometres per hour have been observed
    at Roebourne Airport.
    GALES with gusts to 120 kilometres per hour are occurring between Pardoo and
    Mardie and will extend to the inland Pilbara overnight.
    source secondary
    DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts in excess of 130 kilometres per hour are occurring
    in the Karratha area and are expected to extend well inland overnight and
    during Tuesday. People in Tom Price can expect destructive wind gusts to
    commence around 8am Tuesday morning.
    .Wind gusts near centre… 215 kilometres per hour
    .Severity category…….. 3
    .Central pressure……… 950 hectoPascals

    TC BEN from forum said
    “For those without WZ Silver: Karratha has now recorded gusts of 130 and 133km/h with a pressure of 975.9hpa and Roebourne is back in the eyewall reporting 2 gusts of 124km/h”.

    Thanks to TRAVDOG on forum who posted this snap of the eye well inland as seen on BOM radar
    eye wall of TCchristine seenwell  inland 31st dec 2013

    From BELLMERE WEATHER this snap of TC Christine still symetricsl well inland

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