December 2013 severe wind and winter storms UK and Europe

Picture from a you tube video showing storm surge in west Kirby England
Many warnings out regarding flooding

6th dec 2013 storm surge west kirby england
source link
14 minute youtube video

Curently 27 warnings for severe flooding in the UK from this storm


4 comments on “December 2013 severe wind and winter storms UK and Europe

  1. Watching the ABC news and some reports arriving about

    storm surge flooding in Scarborough and Boston in the UK

    Quite a few links on google for this event so will just post a list

    “A major clean-up operation is under way after

    the largest North Sea surge since the devastating floods of 1953 hit the north Norfolk coast

    early yesterday evening and headed south throughout the night”.

    “Devastated residents in Hemsby, Norfolk, watched their cliff-top homes disappear into the sea as the tidal surge hit last night…
    Five bungalows fell into the water as the high tide eroded the cliff below..
    7th dec 2013 houses damaged _storm surge

    ….Record-breaking sea levels have been recorded along the east coast through a combination of large waves and a tidal surge, the EA said., Sea levels peaked at 5.8 metres in Hull, the highest seen by the East Yorkshire city since 1953, and 4.7 metres in Dover, Kent, the highest recorded there in more than 100 years.
    The Thames Barrier, which had faced the biggest tide since it opened in 1982, was due to reopen this afternoon, the EA said…

    PHOTO GALLERY and report from the MIRROR

    7th dec 2013 storm surge houses damaged in UK


  2. Amazing that l am adding this news for another major event in the UK in DEcember
    This report is for the 24th Dec 2013

    High winds, rain lash Europe, killing two
    Tuesday December 24, 2013
    An excellent and informative analysis and discussion of this event from this UK wordpress blog

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