5th December 2013 ..First week of summer…. Snow in South east Australia

During this event the sub polar Jetstream in the southern hemisphere was quite wavy and meandering in the first week of summer . December 2013.

The sub -polar jet had been noticeably ‘absent’ during Autumn/ winter of 2013
The water vapour satellite picture from weatherzone shows a closed low rotation of water vapour

5th dec2013 water vapor Australia

ACCESS G windstreams at 500 hPa indicate a strong bend and mid layer trough over VIC and NSW

5th dec 2013 500 hPa trough

The strength of the 500 hPa kink is unusual in that it appears there is a Jetstream ! at the 500 hPa layer which l have not seen before.. This jet sits under the 200hPa jet and so has depth

The 200hpa jet stream confirms a strong meandering sub polar jet converging with a strong sub polar jet

5th dec 2013 200hPa jetstream

A cold pool of atmosphere is held within the mid layer troughing with thickness values 540 and under


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