COLD SIGNAL for CANADA and USA first week of DECEMBER (winter) 2013

Thanks to ken Kato for heads up for this event . NAEFS indicating cold anomalies over all USA and Canada

Sub polar Jetstream pattern is meridonal in the Northern hemisphere and has a well defined wave pattern in the sub polar 200hpa stratosphere.
Cold air advecting southward over the USA in the first week of December 2013

jetstream global 5th dec 2013

Notice also the sub tropical jet converges with the cold sub polar jet across the USA Friday the 5th December 2013

To follow this event maybe try ACCU weather


6 comments on “COLD SIGNAL for CANADA and USA first week of DECEMBER (winter) 2013

  1. Lots of news reports emerging with more on the way

    Here are a few for reading

    6th Dec 2013

    Ice storm kills, leaves Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana in deep freeze

    Weather chart
    7th dec 2013 icy blast in the USA
    Icy conditions make for light traffic on the highways in Dallas on Dec. 6, 2013. As snow and freezing rain blanketed normally sun-swept North Texas, ..
    icy highways USA 7th dec 2013


    ice friday 6th dec 2013 USA
    source link

    Storms this week had already dumped 1 to 2 feet of snow in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin and draped many communities in skin-stinging cold. The temperature in parts of North Dakota on Thursday was a few degrees below zero, but wind chill pushed it to nearly 40 below.

  2. The GOES satellite captured a snap of the winter storm on the 3rd December 2013

    sat pic of winter storm west USA 3rd dec 2013

    source link from ACCU weather

    Big Hole National Park, in Montana, reported a temperature of minus 31.9 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 35.5 degrees Celsius) Dec. 5, and the National Weather Service reported snowfalls in the area from an inch to more than a foot.


    by Alex Sosnowski
    A series of storms will roll out from the Southwest through next week with multiple rounds of snow and ice.

    One of these storms Friday and Friday night will spread snow and ice along a swath reaching along the I-70 corridor from Missouri to southwestern Pennsylvania and over part of the I-80 and I-90 corridors from Indiana to northern Ohio, northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

    snow forecast for east USA 11 th dec 2012

  3. Loved the video footage of American footballers playing in the snow storm
    Here is a link

    snow storm USA dec 2013

    By Sky News US Team

    Flights have been grounded and thousands of homes remain without power after a powerful storm covered parts of the United States in snow and ice.

    The Arctic blast sent temperatures plunging across the country, with a record low of -42F (-41C) recorded in Jordan, Montana, on Saturday.

    At least 1,600 flights were cancelled on Monday – half of them at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, where hundreds of passengers were left stranded over the weekend.

    An estimated 6,000 flights have been grounded in just three days as the storm moved east, battering the East Coast with unprecedented ferocity.
    Storm in the USIn Texas, the storm caused power outages and scrapped flights
    Up to 10 inches of snow fell in some places, blanketing NFL side Philadelphia Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field ground, where it fell so heavily that yard markers were completely obscured.

    It was a similar picture in Pittsburgh, where the snow intensified after kick-off.

    Eagles fan Dave Hamilton said: “Twenty-seven years I’ve been a season-ticket holder (and) I’ve never seen snow at the game like this. It just kept coming down.”

    Some of the most difficult conditions were in northern Texas, where more than 22,000 homes and businesses were still without power on Monday.
    A car spins into a ditch on Interstate 66 in Manassas, VirginiaSnow and ice led to dangerous driving conditions in several states
    At one stage on Friday, more than a quarter of a million properties were without electricity.

    Power outages have also been reported in West Virginia, Maryland and in Washington, DC.

    Meanwhile, drivers endured treacherous conditions on roads across several states.

    In Oklahoma, a five-year-old boy died when the van he was travelling in slid off an icy bridge, while a man was killed in a 50-vehicle crash in the Philadelphia area.

    The National Weather Service has warned of more severe weather to come, with a second storm expected to dump up to a further five inches of snow on the mid-Atlantic region.


    Great forum thread here

  4. The Americans name their winter storms

    Winter storm DION

    A nice link to


    page here


    In some cities, the frigid air mass has been the coldest seen in years or has broken daily record lows. Here’s a few examples:
    •Billings, Mont.: Low of -21 degrees Saturday at the airport was the coldest reading at that location since Jan. 13, 1997, nearly 17 years ago.
    •Miles City, Mont.: Not to be outdone, this southeast Montana city dropped to -36 degrees Saturday, its coldest since a -37 was recorded Jan. 30, 1996.
    •Great Falls, Mont.: Low of -33 degrees on Saturday was the coldest temperature recorded so early in the season. Previous record was Dec. 8, 1972 (-36 degrees).
    •Medford, Ore: Record low of 18 degrees on Wednesday and a record low of 14 on Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, this is the coldest air mass in the city since 1998.
    •Pullman, Wash.: Sunday morning’s preliminary low of -11 degrees was the city’s sixth consecutive daily record low and the earliest it’s gotten that cold in 74 years of recordkeeping.
    •Denver: Record low of -13 degrees on Wednesday beat the old record of -5 degrees set in 2008. Thursday’s low of -15 tied the daily record. Denver dropped to -13 degrees on Saturday morning, tying another record low.
    •Ely, Nev.: Record low of -17 degrees on Wednesday crushed the old record of -5 degrees. Record lows were also set on Thursday (-23 degrees) and Friday morning (-19 degrees).
    •Casper, Wyo.: Record low of -22 degrees on Wednesday beat the old record of -11 degrees set in 1972.
    •Portland, Ore. and Astoria, Ore.: Three straight days with daily record lows Tuesday through Thursday.
    •Spokane, Wash.: Saw its first high in the teens since Feb. 26, 2011 on Thursday.
    •Glasgow, Mont.: Recorded its first subzero high temperature since Jan. 18, 2012 on Thursday.
    •Daily records lows set on Saturday morning in Grand Forks, N.D. (-24 degrees) and Kansas City, Mo. (1 degree – tie).
    •Sunday morning brought a record low of 7 degrees to Bishop, Calif. (old record 8 degrees)
    •The coldest spot in the United States Sunday morning, was Havre, Mont., where the low temperature reached -37 degrees!

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