RAIN event for most of Australia last few days of November 2013

Continued troughing and low pressure over most of Australia is bringing more significant rain for many parts of Australia 27th-30th November 2103

This forecast map below from BOM ….is hotlinked and will update
nov rain

-commencing with significant rain in the s/west of WA on

wednesday 27th Nov

A closed low pressure cell forms in the south west of the mainland and with an infeed of moisture advecting from the Northern territory monsoon season feeds into the low increasing moisture potential
The band of moisture stretching from the NT across the desert interior to the s/west coast brings rain on wednesday afternoon

Thursday the 28th Nov

This trough and rain band shifts eastward giving significant rain in a north/ south band from the far north NT and QLD to south eastern South australia and Victoria.
Quite fast moving and has moved on eastward by friday

Friday the 29th November

The rain band has moved eastward and extendsfrom the gulf of carpentaria through central QLD and into much of NSW
This trough deepens on friday and rain intensity increases.
Very high chance of severe storm activity and flooding for some . Totals look quite high for the north east NSW coastal on friday currently!!

Saturday 30th Nov 2013

Trough continues eastward with the last of its tail impinging on coastal QLD

Major widespread rain event

In the mean time the NEXT trough line is already established over the WA mainland. Next rain bearing trough follows close behind

so WARNING . Check forecasts and warnings


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